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Industry 4.0 From EBV Connectivity and Interoperability (LC)

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Connectivity and interoperability

In principle Industry 4.0 is basically distributed intelligence communicated over a wired or wireless network, which must meet a variety of standards. Devices can be developed with reasonably priced microcontrollers and corresponding development tools are also available. Careful selection of controller sensors can also mean devices can be battery-operated due to their extremely low power.

Numerous sensors are used to detect measured variables like pressure, temperature, humidity, mechanical load and they must communicate reliably with the higher-ranking system with one partial battery charge over several years. However battery life also depends on the radio technology used, like for instance Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), WiFi etc.

Regardless of the radio technology used, interoperability on the RF level must be guaranteed, and the security of the connection must be considered. With a vertical segment, like RF, EBV Elektronik is optimally positioned to recommend the most suitable technology, independent of the manufacturer, to the developers: from the chip through software to the antenna. 

More frequently the radio connection is employed within the control concept, as currently not every machine in the field needs an industry-enabled display terminal. And with increased frequency (industrial) tablets are used to connect with the relevant unit whenever needed, to visualize data and to enable inputs. In most cases the respective communication between machine and tablet takes place via WiFi or Bluetooth: an application running on the tablet functions as a classical operating terminal. At the same time the app also has access to the sensors measuring speed, position, acceleration etc. plus the camera sensor integrated in the tablet (or even smartphone). With skilful utilization of the available data, radio path and the control unit, innovative operating concepts can be realized. EBV Elektronik supports newcomers and existing customers to recognize and to exploit suitable potential within Industry 4.0.