EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial (HB)

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Broadcom Industrial Automation

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial Robotics (LC)

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Industrial Robotics Solutions

Industrial manufacturing robots provide many benefits that companies require to stay competitive

The speed, repeatability and efficiency that industrial robots provide can increase productivity and profits, reduce costs and retain jobs. With no need to take breaks and the ability to work 24/7, a manufacturing robot can increase productivity dramatically. Higher rates of throughput mean higher profits.

Manufacturing robots help produce products much faster than traditional manufacturing methods by decreasing part cycle times. The very nature of these robots creates a leaner, more efficient manufacturing cycle. For example, an arc welding robot provides high quality weld seams, making the weld strong and the part more durable and because of high repeatability, reworking time is almost eliminated.

Broadcom offers a broad range of products for robotic applications found in industrial automation.

Absolute encoders are motion feedback devices that report positional information by generating a unique code for each position. When powered up, these absolute encoders do not require a home cycle even if the shaft is rotated while the power was switched-off. Absolute encoders are ideal in robotic applications which cannot afford movement during the power up sequence and where absolute positional information is critical.

In motor or servo control applications typically used in industrial robotics, accurate current measurement is a critical part of the control loop to ensure high efficiency and safe operation. Broadcom isolation amplifiers reject common mode noise and transients and provide the necessary insulation to meet safety standards and regulatory requirements for a cost-effective, low-noise solution in motor control current sensing.

Industrial robots are often part of a larger automated system found in modern production plants. Communication between individual robotic cells and to and from a central computer is increasingly done via Fast Ethernet networks. Broadcom fiber optic transceivers are ideal for this communication link due to their EMI immunity in industrial environments.

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EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial Robotics- ACPL-352J (GBL)

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Smart Gate Drive ACPL-352J

5A gate drive optocoupler with integrated fail-safe IGBT and MOSFET diagnostics, protection and fault reporting.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial Robotics- ACPL-C799 (GBL)

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Optically Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulator ACPL-C799

1-bit, second-order sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) modulator that converts an analog input signal into a high-speed data stream with galvanic isolation based on optical coupling technology.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial Robotics- AS38-H39E (GBL)

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38 Bit Multi-turn Absolute Encoder - AS38-H39E

The AS38-H39E-Sxxx is a multi-turn absolute encoder series with 39-bit resolution consisting of a patterned disk, a light source, and photosensitive elements that translate mechanical motion to electrical signal.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial Robotics- AFBR-57E6APZ-HT (GBL)

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Fast Ethernet Transceiver - AFBR-57E6APZ-HT

Low Power 125MBd SFP Transceiver for Fast Ethernet & FDDI (-40°C to +95°C Temperature)