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Human Centric Lighting

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RGB lighting shield

The Arduino shield and the XMC1202 could be modified to use potentiometers to implement a simple Human Centric Lighting (HCLs system. This uses five lines from the board and two out of the three available MOSFET gate drive outputs for a simpler and cost effective evaluation of tunable LEDs, in this case using application code developed with Everlight’s CHI3030. This has a forward voltage of 25.5V for both warm and cool channels at 500mA, although other light engines with similar characteristics can be used directly with the code.

The combination of the Arduino board and the code on the XMC1202 control a lamp from warm white with a colour temperature of 2700K to cold white (with a colour temperature of 5700K) in 4095 discrete steps. It can also dim the intensity of light in 4095 discrete steps, with flicker-free quality light down to 0.5% dimming level.



  • The DCDC RGB LED Driver shield allows the adoption of different LED light engines to ensure fast prototyping and to make inexpensive evaluation easy.
  • The DCDC RGB LED Driver offers 3 independent output channels for flicker-free control of multicolor LED light engines. The board is controlled by a programmable XMC 32-bit ARM® powered MCU with embedded Brightness Color Control Unit (BCCU, XMC1200 MCU series).
  • The BCCU hardware engine provides an extremely low-cost but very high-quality LED lighting solution. This automated and easy to configure hardware engine ensures smooth, eye-friendly dimming and color mixing for different topologies in a simple design.


The Application note could be downloaded here.