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Human Centric Lighting


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Smart lighting solutions from Infineon

Light influences the well-being of people, characterizes their day and night time rhythm and effects activity and the ability to concentrate.
People spend up to 90% of their work day indoors exposed to such static lighting. Improvements of over 30% in performance are achievable by replacing static lighting with Human Centric Lighting (HCL) systems.
During the day the colour temperature changes from warm, reddish 3000K in the morning, to a mid-day average of light 5500K to 6500K suppressing melatonin production and increasing the attention level back to warmer CCTs in the afternoon and back to relaxing 3000K during the evening hours causing melatonin production.

To implement an HCL System you can use Arduino based RGB Lighting Shield featured with XMC1202 microcontroller, which  is a member of the XMC1000 family of ARM® Cortex®- M0 microcontrollers in addition EBV developed a complete solution based on an office panel light that can be adjusted for the colour temperature and also controlled remotely using the popular Arduino board technology. This consists of a base controller board with additional peripherals, called shields, to add extra features. The wireless communication to the panel is done with Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit  (CY8CKIT-042-BLE).



Human Centric Lighting RGB Lighting Shield Grid Box Light (GBL)

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RGB Lighting Shield

The Arduino shield and the XMC1202 could be modified to use potentiometers to implement a simple HCL system.

Human Centric Lighting Office panel Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Office Panel

The panel consists of four modules in parallel that use both cold white (6500K) and warm white (3000K) Osram Duris S2 Chip Scale Packages.

Human Centric Lighting Wireless connection Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Wireless Connection

EBV’s Arduino demonstration system adds the Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE) for the wireless communication to the panel from an iOS or Android mobile phone.