Single String < 100 W

For single-color topologies operating below 100 W, the Infineon ICL8105 flyback controller is a great fit, especially when incorporated with the innovative CDM10V dimming IC. The controller delivers high efficiency (91%), high power factor (0.90) and low harmonic distortion (<10%) through the entire load range with full functionality and guaranteed smooth transitions between operating modes.

For analog solutions Infineon offers the IRS2982S, a versatile SMPS control IC designed to drive switching converters for LED drivers and power supplies.

Further Infineons 800V CoolMOS™ CE family is specifically optimized for LED applications, providing all benefits of a fast switching Superjunction MOSFET while not sacrificing ease of use.

The BCR450 linear LED controller is perfectly suited for driving high power LEDs and offers several benefits like a low voltage overhead of 0.5V and a power dissipation.

For security reasons we recommend adding the OPTIGA™ Trust – a robust cryptographic solution for improved security and reduced system costs.

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Get a basic understanding of how LED Lighting stimulate plant growth and what to consider when building a horticulture lighting system.


In this Webinar experts from Infineon and EBV give background information on horticulture lighting and showcase you state-of- the art, full system solutions for LED lighting.