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Accurate control to ensure the correct power output for providing a specific colored wavelength for the plants is best achieved through the use of a microcontroller (MCU). Infineon’s XMC™ 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M industrial microcontrollers feature an application-specific capability for lighting, motor control, and power conversion.

One of the XMC™s application-specific features for lighting is a Brightness and Control Unit (BCCU) that simplifies digital LED dimming and eases color control applications. It is specifically designed to automatically control the dimming level and color of multichannel LED lamps, requires little user code, and supports completely flicker-free operation due to its 12-bit pulse density modulation (PDM) dimming signals.

The ICL5101 integrates a half-bridge controller with a PFC stage in a single package. The high level of integration assures a low number of external components, enabling small form factor designs.

For analog controller solutions Infineon offers the IRS2982S, a versatile SMPS control IC designed to drive switching converters for LED drivers and power supplies.

Further Infineon offers a wide range of Power MOSFETs, designed to bring more efficiency, power density and cost effectiveness to your lighting application. The portfolio contains the 500 V CoolMOS™ CE for LLC only, 600 V CoolMOS™ CE for best price / performance ratio and the 600 V CoolMOS™ P6 for best efficiency.

For security reasons we recommend adding the OPTIGA™ Trust – a robust cryptographic solution for improved security and reduced system costs.


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Get a basic understanding of how LED Lighting stimulate plant growth and what to consider when building a horticulture lighting system.

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In this Webinar experts from Infineon and EBV give background information on horticulture lighting and showcase you state-of- the art, full system solutions for LED lighting.