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Infineon & Osram Opto Semiconductors Solution

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Grow your business with Osram

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors extends the Horticulture portfolio with new packages and upgraded efficiency by up to 20 %. Adding 120° OSLON® complements to the 80° and 150° options for 450 nm (deep blue), 660 nm (hyper red) and 730 nm (far red).

Together, these LEDs provide the perfect lighting for all types of plants and flowers, allowing the light to be exactly adapted to the needs of various crops.


Different ratios between deep blue, hyper red and far red can be achieved simply by varying the number of the respective OSLON® family LEDs, without any change of the PCB or luminaire design. The 80°/120°/150° radiation characteristics save the costs for additional lenses for those applications in which focused light or a wide viewing angle is required. The small footprint of 3.0 . 3.0 mm² allows a very compact clustering of the LEDs, which enables an easy and effi cient design of the optics. The ceramic package can withstand very high temperatures of up to Tmax = 135° C and makes the thermal design cost-effective and stress-free.


  • 100 % footprint compatible with complete color and radiation angle options
  • Deep blue (450 nm) and hyper red (660 nm) to provide the light for the photosynthesis
  • Far red (730 nm) to control the plant from germination to vegetative growth and fl owering
  • EQW (white) to add green content
  • EQW (white) to provide a human friendly working environment
  • .PC 5,000 K and .CC 5,700 K provide daylight spectra
  • High energy effi cacy in μmol/J
  • High maximum driving current up to 1 A
  • Low thermal resistance of 3.8 – 6.0 K/W
  • Different radiation angles – spot or wide illumination characteristic without additional optics: 80°, 120° and 150°
  • High reliable ceramic package with superior lifetime and corrosion stability
  • Robust even in humid environment


  • Top lighting, inter lighting and multilayer cultivation
  • Supplemental lighting and cultivation without natural daylight
  • Photoperiodic lighting and photo-morphological control
  • Urban farming and controlled environment farming
  • Algae grow lights

Light Absorption vs. Wavelength
Light Absorption vs. Wavelength

Each sort of plant needs it’s own tailored Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) to achieve the best results. Our OSLON® family Portfolio provides the perfect illumination for all kind of plants and flowers.

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Get a basic understanding of how LED Lighting stimulate plant growth and what to consider when building a horticulture lighting system.

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In this Webinar experts from Infineon and EBV give background information on horticulture lighting and showcase you state-of- the art, full system solutions for LED lighting.