EBV - Power Distribution

Relay & Fuse Replacement [0A–20A] 

The classic fuse and relay box switches loads from 0A of up to 40A but the majority of loads is in the
range up to 20A. Due to modern semiconductor solutions with protection features the control of
various applications can be transfered from the relay box to the body control module and within even
more sophisticated solutions to decentralized modules such as front light modules, real light modules
seat modules, door modules, etc.

This enables cost reduction by the reuse of the modules within different car models of an OEM and
saves wire harness. 


  • Lighting
  • Heating (PTC, defrost, seat heating, glow plug, SCR (selective catalytic reduction), Steering wheel,
    wiper heater, air scarf, auxiliary heater…) 
  • Pumps (fuel pump,  water pump, washer pump)
  • Power distribution (Trailer node, power outlet, KL15, switchable power feed)