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Infineon Power Distribution


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EBV presents: Infineon power distribution

Relay and fuse replacement

By using efficient and reliable PROFET™ technology for today's and future E/E architectures

As electronic vehicle content continues to increase so too does the need to effectively, manage the power supplied to electrical loads. Among the key market drivers for this management are reliability, improved fuel consumption, emissions reductions and lowering of BOMs through better integration. Classic centralized power distribution schemes can no longer fulfil these requirements. Smart, decentralized power distribution architectures, however, provide an alternative approach that allows engineers to address these key design criteria by using the latest semiconductor technologies to replace conventional relays and fuses. The various protection and diagnostic features of a smart switches are essential for modern power distribution systems.

Discover here the Infineon Solutions that are helping engineers to effectively implement these schemes. 


EBV - Power Distribution Applications (LC)

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New requirements for the Power Distribution system has been introduced with the latest CO2 emission regulations (e.g. very high number of switching cycles, Power Net stabilization, high efficiency…). With the best-in-class RDS(on) range over all other Smart Switches available in the market, Infineon Technologies enables the development of new applications in the Power Distribution.



EBV- Power Distribution Products (LC)

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  • High-side power switches
    • NEW: PROFET™+2:
      • The Newest PROFET™+2 family of protected high-side power switches (8mΩ to 200mΩ) in PG-TSDSO-14 exposed pad package provides state of the art diagnostics and protection features. The family offers market 1st best form factor, the lowest RDS(on) (2x8mΩ)/ Smallest package (PG-TSDSO-14) pin pitch 0.65mm.
    • PROFET™ + 24V:
      • The BTT6010-1EKA is a 10 mΩ single channel Smart High-Side Power Switch, embedded in a PG-DSO-14-47 EP, Exposed Pad package, providing protective functions and diagnosis. 
    • PROFET™ + 12V:
      • The BTS5012-1EKB is a 12 mΩ single channel Smart High-Side Power Switch. It is specially designed to drive lamps up to H4 / H7 or 3 x P27W + 2 x R5W, as well as LEDs in the harsh automotive environment. 
    • HIC PROFET™:
      • NEW: the BTS7004-1EPP is the lead type of the family and offers a typ. RDS(on) of 4mΩ. The family offers 12V high side switches in the range from 8mΩ down to 2mΩ with advanced protection and diagnosis features for heating and power distribution applications.
      • BTS50055-1TMA: High side power switch with integrated vertical power FET, providing embedded protection and diagnostic functions.
    • Power PROFET™: BTS50015-1TAD: Power PROFET™ is a benchmark family of ultra-low ohmic protected high-side switches (1.0 mΩ to 2.5 mΩ) with integrated protection functions and diagnostics for automotive and 12 V industrial markets.
  • Gate Drivers
    • AUIR3200S: The AUIR3200S is a high side mosfet driver for very low RDS(on) son automotive application. It offers over-current, over-temperature protection and diagnostic.
    • AUIR3241S: The AUIR3241S is a high side Mosfet driver for back to back topology targeting back to back switch. It features a very low quiescent current both on and off state. The AUIR3241S is a combination of a boost DC/DC converter using an external inductor and a gate driver.
  • ATV Mosfets
    • The automotive mosfet product portfolio offers benchmark quality, wide voltage range and diversified package. As example see the IPD90N04S4-04


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Power Distribution Architectures for Automotive

Decentralized power distribution architectures for efficient automotive designs

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Power Distribution

Decentralized power distribution architectures for efficient automotive designs


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