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Embedded Vision with EBV & Xilinx

From Complexity to Clarity Introduction (LC)

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Shaping the future of next generation systems

From complexity to clarity

For most humans, sight is intuitive. For machines, sight is an incredibly complex task. Embedded vision technology can help machines “see” by quickly extracting intelligence from images in real time and under various lighting conditions. In the automotive space, this can enable autonomous cars to avoid that pedestrian in the crosswalk or roadside collision faster and more efficiently than ever before.

From autonomous driving to surgical robots and automated factories, the latest innovations depend on sophisticated embedded vision solutions that turn daunting new technological complexity into clarity.

Keeping the future for embedded vision in sight (MM)

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Keeping the future for embedded vision in sight

While image processing has traditionally been all a software play, SoCs with programmable logic enable an All Programmable environment. Software bottlenecks can be accelerated in high-performance programmable logic while retaining the reconfigurability required for rapid upgrade. All Programmable solutions can be easily customized to whatever embedded vision use you might need.

Providing lower power, higher efficiency machines the ability to see, sense and immediately respond to the world creates unique opportunities for system differentiation. However, this also creates several challenges in how designers create next generation architectures and bring them to life, including: high performance demands, a complex programming environment and shortened design cycles.

EBV and Xilinx- Embedded vision products (LC)

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Embedded vision products

EBV and Xilinx- MiniZed Zynq development board (MM)

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MiniZed Zynq development board

MiniZed represents a low cost entry point to the scalable Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC development platform.

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EBV and Xilinx- MicroZed Embedded Vision Carrier Card Kit (MM)

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MicroZed Embedded Vision Carrier Card Kit

The MicroZed™ Embedded Vision Carrier Card Kit builds on the MicroZed SOM by providing a video specific carrier card, and includes hardware, software and IP components necessary for the development of custom video applications.

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EBV and Xilinx- Embedded Vision Development Kit (MM)

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Embedded Vision Development Kit

The PicoZed Embedded Vision Development Kit builds on the PicoZed SOM by adding video specific interfaces, includes hardware, software and IP components necessary for the development of custom video applications.

Overcoming Your Embedded Vision Challenges (MM)

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Overcoming your embedded vision challenges

EBV Elektronik and Xilinx are dedicated to staying one step ahead and helping you with your next-generation embedded vision design. Our design kits and reference designs can help any designer—whether your background is in hardware or software—dive in to embedded vision. These capabilities help you to:

  • Reduce complexity between software and hardware. FPGA brings development closer to the complexity level of processor-based designs. With an easier programming environment, you can work on the software and then optimize hardware around a solution. Take for example, the Xilinx reVISION stack, which includes a broad range of development resources for platform, algorithm and application development.
  • Adapt to a variety of project volumes. Whether a small or large run order, EBV Elektronik and Xilinx can work together to support sizes across the spectrum that align to your application needs.
  • Make flexible, scalable products. With kits and tools that integrate key features, our goal is to help simplify your design work and shorten the learning curve. From support on sensors, wireless connectivity and memory to CMOS image sensor cameras, cloud connectors as well as analog and RF signal chains, we’ll help you integrate across platforms for the best solutions.

EBV and Xilinx- Resources Long Copy (LC)

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