Power management

ON Semiconductor is a long-time leader in power management, bringing an extensive portfolio of efficient and innovative solutions to power the internet of things.


AC-DC: NCP106x

High-Voltage Switcher for low Power offline SMPS

DC-DC NCP3135 Grid Box Light_3-EL

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DC-DC: NCP3135

2.9 V to 5.5 V, 5 A Integrated Synchronous DC-DC Step Down Converter

DC-DC NCP785AGrid Box Light_3-FA

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High Input Voltage (450 V), Low Output Current (10 mA) Linear Voltage Regulator

AC-DC: NCP107x

High Voltage Switching Regulator for Offline SMPS

DC-DC NCP170 Grid Box Light_3-NA

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The NCP170 series of CMOS low dropout regulators

AC-DC NCL30082 Grid Box Light_2

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AC-DC: NCL30082

Dimmable Quasi-Resonant Primary Side Current-Mode Controller for LED Lighting with Thermal Fold-back

Power Modules NXT80T120L2Q0Grid Box Light_3-RA

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Power Modules: NXT80T120L2Q0

Power Integrated Module, T-Type, 1200 V, 80 A