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On Semiconductor IoT Solutions

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EBV presents: On Semiconductor IoT solutions

Where IoT meets the real world

IoT solutions that provide huge improvements in services, efficiency, cost, scalability, time-to-market and reliability and are able to sense, process, control, and communicate in an energy efficient and cost effective manner.

Motion control

Motors are used to assist sensors in the gathering of information, and to react to information sensors provide. ON Semiconductor offers a wide range of motor control solutions for both stepper and brushless DC motors.

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  •  LV8726TA Stepper Motor Pre-Driver, PWM, Constant-Current Control
  •  LV8907 The LV8907 is a high performance, software-less three-phase BLDC motor controller
  •  LV8714 Dual Stepper Motor Driver, Ultra-Small Micro Steps


As the battle for dominance in the area of communication protocols continues, ON Semiconductor provides users a wide range of communication technology standards. With the recent acquisition of AXSEM’s ultra-low power sub-1 GHz technologies as well as new offerings in the KNX and 2.4 GHz arenas, ON Semiconductor is positioned as a leader in wired and wireless connectivity.

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Battery management

ON Semiconductor brings extensive experience to the protection, monitoring, and charging of battery-connected devices powering the internet of things.

Related products: 

  • Protection: LC051xx The LC051xx family of battery protection controllers
  • Monitoring: LC709203F The LC709203F is a fuel gauge for 1-cell lithium-ion batteries
  • Charging: NCP185x The NCP185x devices are fully programmable single cell Lithium-ion switching battery chargers
  • Charging: NCS21x Bi-Directional Zero-Drift Current Sense Amplifiers
  • Charging: NSR2030 The NSR2030 full bridge Schottky barrier diodes

Power management

ON Semiconductor is a long-time leader in power management, bringing an extensive portfolio of efficient and innovative solutions to power the internet of things.

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Image sensors are the eyes of the internet of things, enabling connected devices to see and react to their environment. ON Semiconductor provides a comprehensive image sensor portfolio along with supporting software and hardware, well positioned to serve the demanding imaging needs of the Internet of Things and beyond.

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ON Semiconductor sensor solutions give connected devices the ability to fully understand their environment, including temperature, humidity, proximity, pressure, motion, and touch.

Related products: 

  • LC717Axx The LC717Axx devices are high performance, low cost capacitance-digital-converters for electrostatic touch and proximity sensors.
  • NCS36000 Passive Infrared Detector Controller

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The EBV IoT - Smart, Secure, Connected - Everywhere

Based on its expertise and heritage, EBV is uniquely positioned for superb Internet of Things solutions.