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Scalable and feature-rich family of solutions


Spotlight on embedded security

Embedded systems are making their way into more and more areas of our daily lives. Trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communication (M2M) mean that a growing number of devices and machines are being connected. Some of these are as small as household appliances but some as large as complex, industrial automation systems. Regardless of size, they are all controlled by dedicated, embedded computing systems.

All of this networking brings a host of new opportunities for companies through new business and service models. It also means more convenience and comfort for users. However, security in this embedded world is not cessarily keeping pace. The attack surface is widening rapidly, exposing sensitive data and IP, and threatening process integrity and business continuity.


OPTIGA rises to the challengeOPTIGA™ rises to the challenge
Infineon has developed a feature-rich family of security solutions specifically for embedded systems. Designed for ease of integration, OPTIGA™ hardware-based solutions meet individual and evolving needs by scaling from basic authentication use cases to advanced security designs. Both OPTIGA™ Trust and OPTIGA™ TPM suites provide proven and reliable performance for embedded applications while maximizing return on investment.







Security for the IoT - do you know how to secure your embedded system?

Video Tutorial - Get started with IoT security!

Security for the IoT










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OPTIGA™ Trust X a hardware based security solution optimized to address IoT device’s requirements