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Optiga™ TPM

Certified protection for computing and emerging IoT scenarios

OPTIGA™ TPM (Trusted Platform Module) protects device and system integrity and authenticity in embedded networks. This standardized security controller is built on proven technologies, supporting TPM 1.2 and the latest TPM 2.0 standard. Key features include secured key, certificate and password storage as well as dedicated key management. Infineon is market and innovation leader in Trusted Computing, offering a wide portfolio of certified OPTIGA™ TPM security controllers compliant with the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) standard.

Key benefits

  • Reduced risk based on proven technology
  • Fast time to market through concept reuse
  • Flexibility thanks to wide range of security functions as well as dedicated key management
  • Easy integration into all platform architectures and operating systems



OPTIGA™ TPM - SLB 9645/60/65/70

Certified Security Solutions for Embedded Applications

Routers and gateways can be a weak link in corporate, home or industrial networks, opening up a vulnerable point of entry to outside attackers. A failure to protect these entry points can result in the loss of confidential information as well as interrupted operations.

Network equipment fitted with standardized, certified OPTIGA™ TPM solutions is much better equipped to maintain network uptime and protect sensitive information. Through integrity checks, remote equipment management and data encryption, OPTIGA™ TPM enables security for the information flowing through and stored in routers and gateways.
This function-rich family supports the full spectrum of needs, scaling from basic to complex deployments.

OPTIGA TPM - SLB 9645 60 65 70

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