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EBV & Infineon - 24 GHz

Register Now & Win a Kit: EBV & InnoSent - Arduino Evaluation Kit

Please register today and use the chance to win a Evaluation Kit “EVALKIT SMR-334”!


The Evaluation Kit “EVALKIT SMR-334” is a programmable compact radar system with a focus on creating a friendly and easy-to-use FMCW radar platform. It comes with a custom and open firmware that provides beginners with an easy way to experience radar sensors in their application and take a look into the signal processing with our detailed examples.  

The SMR-Eval Kit is built around the SMR sensor family and comes equipped with our flagship module SMR-334. The underlying STM32F401RE Nucleo Board from ST provides the necessary processing power and interface to the IDE and GUI. The kit comes with all necessary hardware, software and documentation to quickly start evaluating innovative radar technology. 

Please register by October 10th 2017!

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