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Infineon and InnoSenT 24 GHz

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EBV presents: 24 GHz from Infineon and InnoSenT

The new SMR series for home automation & security applications from InnoSenT & Infineon

This recently launched SMR-3xx sensor module family combines the capabilities of new Infineon world’s smallest industrial 24GHz MMIC BGT24LTR11 in an SMT device.

A smarter motion sensing environment is being enabled by 24GHz radar sensors from Infineon.  

Applications such as intruder alarms, smart lighting schemes, traffic monitoring equipment and automatic doors need to detect motion and/or proximity. Commonly used infrared sensing techniques are limited in range and not able to determine object speeds.  Thus, radar-based systems are growing in popularity and expanding the application use cases.  

For designers looking to implement radar-based systems the challenges include identifying the best radar scheme for the job and implementing the application-specific algorithms needed to process the information. In recent years access to the 24GHz ISM frequency band and the development of supporting technologies and tools have provided new options to allow designers to address these challenges. 
Information Obtainable from 24 GHz Sensor:
  • Speed / Velocity - Derived from Doppler shift in frequency
  • Range / Distance to target - Derived from measurement of electromagnetic wave
  • Angle / Direction to target - Derived from phase difference at the antennas


SMR series from InnoSenT

With an outline of only 20 mm x 15 mm x 3 mm the new SMR series Radar sensors come in an ultra-compact design to ease integration even in the smallest space available. Not only are the SMR radars small, being an SMT device makes them extraordinary well suitable for high volume production. The units are available on tape & reel and can be handled in a standard SMT process along with all other board components like resistors, transistors and integrated circuits. No additional handwork is required. A low duty-cycle pulse mode is available to aid power consumption in low power applications:

  • Lighting control
  • Energy management
  • Intelligent machine control
  • Touchfree switches
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Movement detection


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BGT24 Family

BGT24MTR11 silicon germanium 24 GHz transceiver MMIC and BGT24LTR ultra-low power sensing using new generation of 24 GHz radar

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SMR-31x, SMR-32x and SMR-33x Modules

K-Band movement sensors from InnoSenT with new Infineon BGT24LTR11 MMIC transceiver inside.

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Smart Radar Solutions with the 24 GHz Radar Chipset

This webinar introduces Infineon's BGT24M/L, the highest integrated 24 GHz ISM band radar transceiver family. Designs using these integrated solutions save ~30% board space compared to discrete line-ups.

EBV and Infineon 24GHz Brightcove Video-Radar Solution (BV)

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24 GHz Radar Solution

EBV and Infineon 24GHz EBV electronica 2016 24 GHz (BV)

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electronica 2016: 24 GHz

EBV and Infineon 24GHz EuMW Video2 (BV)

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EuMW 17‎: Infineon 24GHz

EBV and Infineon 24GHz EuMW Video1 (BV)

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EuMW 17: InnoSenT 24GHz