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EBV and Infineon: 24 GHz

EBV and Infineon

The new SMR series for home automation & security applications from InnoSenT & Infineon

This recently launched SMR-3xx sensor module family combines the capabilities of new Infineon world’s smallest industrial 24GHz MMIC BGT24LTR11 in an SMT device

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Overview and Application

RADAR is not only a movement detector it provides information on speed and direction of movement.

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Learn more about the SMR series and Infineon world’s smallest industrial 24GHz radar.

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Innosent Modules

K-Band movement sensors from InnoSenT with new Infineon BGT24LTR11 MMIC transceiver inside.


Here you find technical articles, video as well as the link to register for technical webinar.

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BGT24LTR11 from Infineon

BGT24LTR11 is the world’s smallest and lowest power consumption single Tx/Rx solution currently available in the market.

Brightcove Video-Radar Solution

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24 GHz Radar Solution


Smart radar solutions with the 24 GHz radar chipset

This webinar introduces Infineon's BGT24M/L, the highest integrated 24 GHz ISM band radar transceiver family. Designs using these integrated solutions save ~30% board space compared to discrete line-ups.