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Solutions for the car of the future

Internet connectivity and the problems related to it regarding information and IT security are areas in which many automobile companies and specialised automobile suppliers have relatively little experience. In order to sustainably occupy a leading position when it comes to the competition, they should not allow connected car developments to pass them by, but should actively pursue them instead. At the same time, companies must introduce new applications with a defined time-to-market. This, however, assumes that the developers can focus on their core competencies. The developing companies lack resources that have the necessary special knowledge. For example, in the field of radio technology and embedded security, the use of flexible, customisable standard components, as well as cooperation with specialised partners, is recommended. This is where EBV Elektronik comes into its own: with its extensive network of partners, EBV builds bridges and helps its customers find appropriate resources and specific expertise. This means they are capable of bringing new products to market quickly. Within the context of connected cars, EBV Elektronik presents itself as a solution provider for major automobile companies and small and medium-sized companies (Start-Ups, SMEs) alike, the latter often being drivers of innovation.