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Paradigm shift for IT security

Paradigm Shift for IT Security

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Connected cars represent a paradigm shift for companies in the automobile industry: previously, autonomous systems were connected to the Internet and data that was hitherto inaccessible was transmitted and processed in cloud applications. This makes them potentially vulnerable and greatly increases demands on information and IT security. What is clear is that the corporate sector will not abandon traditional, standardised systems that have been perfected over many years without it being completely necessary. The transfer of today's bus and on-board vehicular systems into a secure, web-enabled communication platform is, therefore, a focal point in connected car projects – for companies and for EBV Support.

New approaches are sought, for example, looking at the hierarchy of control units. It is now necessary for the new systems to intelligently integrate autonomous components. This could be by means of a central gateway with integrated firewall, which shields the internal, particularly security-related components of the vehicle network over the Internet. In the fields of car security, embedded security and identification, EBV Elektronik works with experienced specialists and can offer a broad solution portfolio.