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A challenging market environment

In the automotive industry, operating companies frequently distribute their products on a global scale. This means that they need to take note of global mega-trends in addition to local standards and developments in their target markets. When it comes to connected car applications, this translates into a need to ensure that the networked vehicles will operate in the various different infrastructures to be found world-wide. This poses a real challenge. The world is changing rapidly along with the weighting of the markets. In addition to the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), an increasing number of emerging newly industrialised countries are coming into focus as promising markets for automobile producers, such as Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Korea and Turkey (MINT/MIST countries), and more recently, Vietnam, Bangladesh and many other African States. These countries often skip whole stages of infrastructure evolution and immediately adapt the latest available techniques such as 4G/LTE or its future successor, 5G. To take Nigeria as an example, infrastructures such as wired networks are virtually non-existent in this mobile phone growth market. This has had an impact on the systems that are used in vehicles. In addition, new players such as Internet and technology giants Google and Apple, as well as e-mobility pioneers such as Tesla, have entered the market. Automobile companies can respond to this by increasingly diversifying their offer. They can make this happen by developing remote diagnostic technologies for predictive maintenance services or investing in leased car and share car models.

The IoT is the basis for all these connected car approaches. EBV helps its customers to gain an overview of connected cars and related opportunities, provides technical support surrounding the IoT, and organises technical seminars on applications and/or vertical markets. This is why EBV technologies are always considered within the context of the market, by putting themselves in the position of their customers and identifying solutions on the system level. EBV implements these solutions together with suppliers and third-party providers.