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The disciplines of sensor technology, data preparation and data processing, data output, actuator engineering, connectivity and IT security come together in the Internet of Things (IoT) – areas in which EBV has been continuously active and successful for over a decade.The concept of connected cars (CC) is closely linked to the IoT. Originally limited to the networking of on-board systems in vehicles, it is now used to describe the digitisation of the wide range of information generated in the vehicle through the networking of in-vehicle systems and the way in which the vehicle communicates with its surroundings, right through to the monetisation of data. This advanced approach enables new possibilities for mobility concepts and alignment of value chains.

For over 15 years, EBV has been strongly focused on the automobile industry. The company supports its customers through a variety of means including energy-saving micro-controllers, sensors, connectivity solutions and embedded processors, all of which are products that form the basis for the IoT. Connected cars and IoT are therefore not uncharted territory for EBV, but areas in which they have always made their mark with their strong know-how and technology solutions. Using interdisciplinary thinking, the intelligent linking of relevant thematic areas, and by combining competencies, EBV helps its customers to identify and use new potential to profitably develop their lines of business.

In short, EBV provides expertise and components. Customers use them to successfully develop applications for connected cars.

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