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Broadcom Industrial Automation

EBV - Broadcom Industrial Automation - Register for a ACPL - C740 (LC)

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EBV & Broadcom – ACPL – C740

Qualify today to receive a preliminary sample of the ACPL-C740 from Broadcom!

Register today and get a chance to qualify for a ACPL – C740 sample. 

Broadcom´s ACPL-C740 is an optically isolated sigma-delta modulator with a 1-bit, second-order sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) modulator that converts an analog input signal into a high-speed bit stream with galvanic isolation based on optical coupling technology. 

The analog input is continuously sampled by means of sigma-delta over-sampling. It is then encoded and transmitted across the isolation boundary and recovered with a digital filter. 

Once the registration is closed, the samples will be sent out in a timely manner.

Image of Broadcom ACPL-C740

EBV - Broadcom Industrial Automation - Register for a ACPL- C740 (SH)

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EBV and Infineon- Protecting your data (GBLS)

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Protecting Your Data

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EBV Terms and Conditions

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