EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial (HB)

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Broadcom Industrial Automation

EBV - Broadcom Industrial Automation - IGBT Ref Design (LC)

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Speed up your time to market with the 3-phase inverter design from Broadcom

Reference design for ACPL-352J and ACPL-337J with the Infineon 1200V/600V EasyPIM and EconoPIM IGBT Module

This new IGBT reference design using Broadcom Isolation and Infineon Power Integration Modules can speed up the time to market with its 3-phase Half-bridge design.

The reference design uses the Broadcom ACPL-352J and ACPL-337J Gate Drivers with Infineon 1200V/600V EasyPIM and EconoPIM IGBT Modules.

The populated kit consists of:

  • 7x Gate drivers ( 6 Half-bridge drivers and 1 Brake )
  • Precision isolation voltage sensor for monitoring DC Voltage (ACPL-C87)
  • Infineon EasyPIM or EconoPIM module (600V or 1200V)
  • Robust DC capacitors

For more information, please contact your EBV salesperson!