EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial (HB)

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Broadcom Industrial Automation

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- Partnership (MM)

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EBV and Broadcom – a special partnership

Broadcom and EBV have an exclusive broadliner distribution partnership in Europe and a relationship that spans over more than 30 years.

This winning combination gives customers access to the broadest portfolio of industrial and automotive semiconductor solutions and provides added value with extensive sales coverage across Europe and access to world-class logistics and warehouse services.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial Motion Control (LC)

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Motor drive solutions

Delivering superior efficiency, reliability and accuracy with unmatched protection

Electric motors are ubiquitous in industrial applications. Whether it is a DC type, an AC type or a special type like a stepper motor or brushless DC motor, electric motors play a vital role in the operation of motorized machines in industrial environments. In every motor system there exists a motor drive subsystem for which Broadcom offers a wide range of product solutions that include optocouplers, fiber optic solutions, and rotary and motion control encoders.
As the world becomes increasingly energy conscious and industries worldwide have a renewed focus on energy efficiency for electric motors, there emerge new technical challenges at the component and system levels of industrial motor drive design concerning power, size, performance, reliability and safety. Modern motor drives are expected to drive more current while delivering high efficiency, reliability and accuracy with optimal high voltage protection. Broadcom has amassed a unique portfolio of products addressing various technical challenges faced by motor system designers today.

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  • Maximize Efficiency
  • Ensure High Reliability
  • Control with High Accuracy
  • Protect with Unmatched Isolation






Typical industrial motor drive subsystem

Explore our diverse selection of product solutions for motor drive application.


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Optocouplers and Opto-Isolators

Broadcom supplies a broad range of isolation products providing performance, features and benefits that are unmatched in the industry for industrial, computing, consumer, communication, medical, automotive, military and aerospace markets. E.g. high-reliability hermetic optocouplers for military use, galvanic isolation optocouplers for industrial applications, and optocouplers specifically designed to meet the insulation and reliability requirements for automotive-grade applications. Upgrade your industrial automation design with Broadcom´s new optocouplers for safe isolation - new packages available for higher voltages!


EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- Related products (GBL)

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Related products

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EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- Ind fiber Related documents (GBLS)

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Industrial fiber links and documents

  • What is Power over Fiber Technology White paper
  • New power-over-fiber solution -- AFBR-POCxxxL -- for industrial sensing and HVDC monitoring application App Note
  • Check out AFBR-POCxxxL in the demo: 
  • Broadcom’s Sebastian Bauer discusses the new AFBR-S50 optical Time-of-Flight sensor and its industrial applications at Embedded World 2018

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- ACPL-C799 (GBL)

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The ACPL-C799 is a 1-bit, second-order sigma-delta (Σ-Δ) modulator that converts an analog input signal into a high-speed data stream with galvanic isolation based on optical coupling technology.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- AFBR-POCxxxL (GBL)

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There are different versions available providing operating voltages for typical 5 VDC applications (AFBR-POC206L/AFBR-POC406) and typical 3 VDC applications (AFBR-POC204L/AFBR-POC404L).

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- ASSR-601J (GBL)

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The ASSR-601J is a high-voltage solid state relay that is designed for high voltage industrial applications. The detector consists of a high-speed photovoltaic diode array and driver circuitry to switch on/off two discrete high-voltage MOSFETs.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Ind Motion Control- Motion Control Encoders (GBL)

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Motion Control Encoders

Motion control optical encoders and magnetic encoders including incremental encoders and absolute encoders for motor feedback and positioning systems.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- AFBR-S50 (GBL)

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The sensor has been developed with a special focus on precise distance sensing and gesture sensing applications with the need for highest speed, small size and very low power consumption.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Ind Motion Control- MODULES AND COMPONENTS (GBL)

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Fiber Optic Modules and Components

An extensive portfolio of high-density, high-speed optical interconnects designed for wired networking apps and specialized lasers, detectors, transmitters, receivers and modulators that can be used as components in package options or industrial apps

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial- ACPL-352J (GBL)

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5A Gate Drive - ACPL-352J

This 5A gate drive optocoupler is a device with integrated fail-safe IGBT and MOSFET diagnostics, protection and fault reporting.

EBV- EBV and Broadcom Industrial Motion Control- Fiber Optics (GBL)

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Fast Ethernet and Industrial Fiber Optics

These industrial transceivers, transmitters, and receivers are designed to operate in environments requiring reliable data transmission in applications where the highest electrical isolation and EMI immunity are needed.