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EBV - Win an electric bike Long Copy (LC)

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Win an electric scooter with EBV and ON Semiconductor

If you’ve worked with ON Semiconductor, you probably already love its differentiated range of products and platforms – from power solutions to image sensors and connectivity applications and more. So why not put your knowledge of ON Semiconductor to the test? You could win an E-Schwalbe – the cult electric scooter from Germany! The competition kicks off at embedded world in Nuremberg. Here’s how it works: There’s a quiz with 10 questions about ON Semiconductor – one new question per week and ten weeks in a row. Answer as many as possible correctly and the E-Schwalbe could be yours! Don't worry if you missed a week, you'll still have the chance to answer them all. 

Working with ON Semiconductor and EBV Elektronik, you get the best of both worlds. A world-leading technology provider with deep experience across a wealth of applications. Plus, EBV experts who understand your unique requirements and help with their world-class supply chain to move your product fast to market. And now you can add a cool E-Schwalbe to the mix.


EBV and ON Semi - electric scooter (MM)

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Prove your knowledge and win great prizes

1st prize: E-Schwalbe classic electric scooter

Two-wheel fans with a passion for cult vehicles and speed will love the new E-Schwalbe. With its unique design and electric drive unit from BOSCH, it heralds a new era.

  • Powered by BOSCH lithium-ion batteries
  • Range: Up to 63 km (1 battery) Up to 125 km (2 batteries)
  • Battery capacity: 2.4 kWh (1 battery) 4.8 kWh (2 batteries)
  • Extremely manoeuvrable amazing acceleration
  • Equipped with all-weather tyres

EBV - EBV and ON Semi - Elmoto HR 4 E-Bike (MM)

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2nd prize: Elmoto HR 4 E-Scooter

With ELMOTO you become part of a completely new form of mobility in the city - without noise and exhaust fumes. Whether to work, to friends or just cruising through the streets, this e-scooter takes you everywhere.

  • At 59 kg, the new model is still one of the lightest vehicles in its class
  • 2 KWh engine power
  • Can be driven with a normal car driving licence
  • Drives max. 45 km/h and is approved as a moped of the class L1e in Germany.

EBV and ON Semi - eFlux Freeride X2 (MM)

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3rd prize: eFlux Freeride X2

Be a trendsetter for the modern way of mobility! The E Scooter eFlux Freeride X2 is equipped with a powerful electric motor with 2000 watts / 60 volt and allows you to get from A to B safely and reliably at speeds of up to 45 km/h.

  • The multifunction display allows you to check mileage and speed at any time
  • Is officially street-legal (needs a license plate)
  • 6 inch tyres with a good grip
  • Efficient Wave disc brakes
  • Range: up to 35 kilometres

EBV - EBV and ON Semi - Prize draw Table

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EBV ON Semi prize draw question and form (LC)

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Question of week 1:

ON Semiconductor is enabling customers to design energy efficient solutions. But the company is also providing products enabling connectivity for such applications, whether it be the wireless connectivity products or wired connectivity. Name the three ON Semiconductor transceiver for the KNX bus that EBV summarized for you.

Question of week 2:

What is the name of the industry’s most comprehensive research, evaluation and design Tool that ON Semiconductor announced in January 2019 and that was displayed during the CES 2019 in Las Vegas, US?

Question of week 3:

ON Semiconductor's RSL10 SIP offers the easiest way to bring the industry's lowest power Bluetooth® low energy technology to wireless applications. With a Fully-integrated antenna, passive components and Radio SoC the RSL10 SIP is certified to Worldwide Regulatory Standards, easing customers implementing the industry's lowest power consumption Bluetooth solution into your wireless application. But what does SIP actually stand for?

Question of week 4:

One of the latest additions to ON Semiconductor's portfolio of SubGHz products is the AXM0F243 ultra-low power narrow-band sub GHz wireless microcontroller. The SoC contains the field proven narrow-band AX5043 RF transceiver core - but what is the microcontroller (MCU) core?

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