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More Kelvin source CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFETs

With CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFET products, Infineon is setting new standards for energy efficiency, power density and ease of use, boasting figures of merit in terms of conduction, switching and driving losses.

The broadest Silicon based superjunction MOSFET portfolio on the market impresses with wide RDS(on) granularity, best-in-class RDS(on) / package, highest efficiency with an optimized price/performance ratio and low EOSS, Qg.

CoolMOS™ 7 family – characteristics and use in high/low power applications

EBV - Infineon Switches and Drivers - CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFETs Table

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  CoolMOS™ series Characteristics In applications
Price/Performance 600 V P7 Price/Performance technology with perfect balance between highest efficiency and ease-of-use Hard and soft switching topologies for high and low power applications
Fast body diodes series 600 V CFD7 Successor to CFD2 offering improved efficiency, best-in-class Qrr and enabling highest power density Soft switching topologies requiring a fast body diode for high power applications
Best-in-Class 650 V C7 / G7 Best-in-class RDS(on) / package, for hard switching topologies such as PFC; enabling highest efficiency and highest power density Best-in-class efficiency in hard switching topologies for high power SMPS applications
600 V C7 / G7 Best-in-class RDS(on) / package, for hard and soft switching topologies such as PFC and high-end LLC; enabling highest efficiency and highest power density Best-in-class efficiency in hard and soft switching topologies for high power SMPS applications


EBV - Infineon Switches and Drivers - Innovative Packages (LC)

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Innovative packages using 4-pin Kelvin source principle

EBV - Infineon Switches and Drivers - Coolmos SJ MOSFETs Tabs

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For highest efficiency and controllability in high power SMPS markets

Image of TO-247 4-pin packageThe TO-247 4-pin package with asymmetric leads is an optimized version of the standard TO-247 4-pin, and enables highest efficiency and controllability in the high power SMPS market. The fourth pin acts as a Kelvin source. The main current of the switch is placed outside of the gate loop and the feedback is eliminated.

This leads to less switching losses, especially at high currents. Secondly, the EMI will be reduced due to cleaner waveforms. In addition, the asymmetric leads further improve the ease-of-use in the design-in process. Compared to the standard TO-247 4-pin, the distance between the critical pins has been increased to enable simplified wave soldering and reduced board yield loss.


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Enabling significant space savings

Image of ThinPAK 8x8With a very small footprint of only 64 mm² (vs. 150 mm² for the D²PAK), and a very low profile with only 1 mm height (vs. 4.4 mm for the D²PAK), the ThinPAK 8x8 leadless SMD package for high voltage MOSFETs is a first choice to decrease system size in power density driven designs. Low parasitic inductance and a separate 4-pin Kelvin source connection offer best efficiency and ease-of-use.

The package is RoHS compliant with halogen free mold compound.


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Optimized for high power applications

Image of TO-LeadlessCombined with the latest CoolMOS™ C7 Gold (G7) technology, the TO-Leadless (TOLL) package is Infineon’s flagship SMD package for high power/high current SMD solutions. Compared to D2PAK 7-pin, TO-Leadless shows 30 percent reduction in footprint, yet offers improved thermal performance. This and the 50 percent height reduction result in a significant advantage whenever highest power density is demanded. Equipped with 4-pin Kelvin source connection and low parasitic inductances, the package offers best efficiency and ease of use.

The package is MSL1 compliant and reflow solderable.

Download Product brief – CoolMOS™ 600 V G7! 

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Innovative top-side cooled SMD solution for high power applications

This is the first top-side cooled surface mount device (SMD) package addressing high power SMPS applications such as PC power, solar, server and telecom. SMD based SMPS designs support fast switching and help to reduce the parasitic inductance associated with long leaded packages such as the common TO-220 package. In today’s SMD based designs, the output power is restricted by the thermal limit of the PCB material because the heat must be dissipated through the board. Thanks to the top-side cooling concept of DDPAK, the thermal decoupling of board and semiconductor is possible, enabling higher power density or improved system lifetime.

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EBV - Infineon Switches and Drivers - Innovative Packages using Kelvin (LC)

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Find the right CoolMOS™ superjunction MOSFET that fits your requirements in the table below, and combine it with either the new 1EDN7550 or the new 1EDN8550. You will benefit from higher power density and reduced product development effort at lower cost.

Product portfolio Kelvin source CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFETs

CoolMOS ™ Product Family

RDS(on) [mΩ]


TO-247-4pin asymmetric leads

P7 600 V 24   IPZA60R024P7      
37   IPZA60R037P7      
45   IPZA60R045P7      
60/65   IPZA60R060P7 IPL60R065P7    
80/85   IPZA60R080P7 IPL60R085P7    
99/105   IPZA60R099P7 IPL60R105P7    
120/125   IPZA60R120P7 IPL60R125P7    
180/185   IPZA60R180P7 IPL60R185P7    
285     IPL60R285P7    
365     IPL60R365P7    
CFD7 600 V 60     IPL60R060CFD7    
75     IPL60R075CFD7    
95     IPL60R095CFD7    
115     IPL60R115CFD7    
140/145     IPL60R140CFD7    
160     IPL60R160CFD7    
185     IPL60R185CFD7    
210/225     IPL60R225CFD7*    
C7 600 V IPZ60R017C7        
40/45 IPZ60R040C7        
60/65 IPZ60R060C7   IPL60R065C7    
99/104 IPZ60R099C7   IPL60R104C7    
125     IPL60R125C7    
185     IPL60R185C7    
G7 600 V 28       IPT60R028G7  
50       IPT60R050G7 IPDD60R050G7
80       IPT60R080G7 IPDD60R080G7
102       IPT60R102G7 IPDD60R102G7
125       IPT60R125G7 IPDD60R125G7
150       IPT60R150G7 IPDD60R150G7
190         IPDD60R190G7
C7 650 V 19 IPZ65R019C7        
45 IPZ65R045C7        
65/70 IPZ65R065C7   IPL65R070C7    
95/99 IPZ65R095C7   IPL65R099C7    
130     IPL65R130C7    
195     IPL65R195C7    
230     IPL65R230C7    
G7 650 V 33       IPT65R033G7  
105       IPT65R105G7  
195       IPT65R195G7  

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