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EBV - Infineon Switches and Drivers - 600 V CoolMOS™ G7 SJ MOSFET and CoolSiC™ Schottky diode G6 (LC)

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600 V CoolMOS™ G7 SJ MOSFET and CoolSiC™ Schottky diode G6 in Double DPAK (DDPAK) package

By introducing the first top-side cooled SMD package with built-in 4-pin Kelvin source configuration, Infineon addresses high power SMPS applications such as PC power, solar, server and telecom with a new cooling concept. The top-side cooling approach of DDPAK allows overcoming the thermal limits of the PCB material by thermal decoupling of board and semiconductor.

Image of DDAP Thermal1This feature enables customers to either increase the system lifetime of their design or to improve the power density at a given form factor. The decoupling can be used to achieve up to ~12°C lower board temperature on the output power level compared to a standard cooling concept or up to 20 percent higher power dissipation on the board temperature level compared to a standard cooling concept.

With 600 V CoolMOS™ SJ MOSFET G7 and 650 V CoolSiC™ Schottky diode G6 - both available in DDPAK package - Infineon provides a system solution for high current, hard switching topologies such as PFC, and a high-end efficiency solution for LLC topologies.

By combining the DDPAK offering with Infineon’s single-channel, low-side gate driver family with truly differential inputs (1EDN TDI), optimized system solutions for high power designs are enabled.

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Key features


Key benefits

  • CoolMOS™ G7 best-in-class FOM RDS(on) x Eoss and RDS(on) x Qg
  • CoolSiC™ G6 best-in-class VF and FOM Qc x VF
  • CoolMOS™ G7 and CoolSiC™ G6 – perfectly matching system solutions in PFC
  • Innovative top-side cooling concept enabling thermal decoupling of boards and semiconductors
  • Built-in 4-pin Kelvin source configuration and low parasitic source inductance leading to highest efficiency
  • MLS1 compliant and entirely Pb-free DDPAK TCOB capability of > 2000 cycles, exceeding industry quality standards
  • CoolMOS™ C7 Gold (G7) SJ MOSFET and CoolSiC™ Schottky diode G6
    • Enabling highest energy efficiency
  • DDPAK package
    • Thermal decoupling of board and semiconductor allows to overcome thermal PCB limits
    • Reduced parasitic source inductance improves efficiency and ease-of-use
    • Enables higher power density solutions
    • Exceeding the highest quality standards

1EDN8550 driving Kelvin source CoolMOS™ superjunction (SJ) MOSFET in boost PFC


Image of 1EDi Block Diagram

Product portfolio DDPAK


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EBV - Infineon Switches and Drivers - Product portfolio DDPAK Table

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RDS(on) max. [mΩ] CoolMOS™ G7 SJ MOSFET IF [A] CoolSiC™ Schottky diode G6
Product OPN Product OPN
190 IPDD60R190G7 IPDD60R190G7XTMA1 4 IDDD04G65C6 IDDD04G65C6XTMA1
150 IPDD60R150G7 IPDD60R150G7XTMA1 6 IDDD06G65C6 IDDD06G65C6XTMA1
125 IPDD60R125G7 IPDD60R125G7XTMA1 8 IDDD08G65C6 IDDD08G65C6XTMA1
102 IPDD60R102G7 IPDD60R102G7XTMA1 10 IDDD10G65C6 IDDD10G65C6XTMA1
80 IPDD60R080G7 IPDD60R080G7XTMA1 12 IDDD12G65C6 IDDD12G65C6XTMA1
50 IPDD60R050G7 IPDD60R050G7XTMA1 16