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Please find below all current EBV featured Product Highlights from our leading-edge manufacturers.

EBV - Product Highlights - Renesas RE family Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Renesas RE Family

The new RE Family based on Renesas's innovative Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide (SOTB™) process technology realizes ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode and fast CPU operation at low voltages.

EBV - Highlights - ON Semi image sensors Grid Box Light (GBL)

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ON Semiconductor image sensors

ON Semiconductor offers CMOS technology image sensors while the comprehensive portfolio provides an industry leading range of various features so customers can chose the correct sensor to match the specific needs of the end application.

EBV - Product Highlights - Renesas RA MCU family Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Renesas RA MCU Family

The Renesas RA Family is a new 32-bit MCU family built on the Arm® Cortex®-M core architecture. The Renesas RA Family meets the scalability, power consumption and performance needs of nearly any embedded systems end-product.

EBV - Product Highlights - Infineon CAV battery Grid Box Light (GBL)

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EBV & Infineon: Electrification of Commercial Vehicles

Charging the EV is an important topic, and charging with high-power DC-chargers is the most powerful option. This currently allows charging powers of up to 350 kW. Operation with two chargers in parallel can even double the charging power.

EBV - Product Highlights - Nexperia Analog & Logic ICs Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Nexperia Analog & Logic ICs

Nexperia, with over 50 years of experience in Discretes and Logic, focuses on efficient miniaturized devices and continues to expand its Standard Logic and Mini Logic portfolios, including for the automotive sector.

EBV Xilinx Alveo Spotlight (GBL)

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Xilinx Alveo

Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards are the most efficient processing accelerators available to date, delivering the highest performance per watt, which makes them a perfect choice for deployment both in the cloud and in on-premises data centers.

EBV - Highlights - Infineon industrial Drives Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Infineon Industrial Drives

Infineon offers optimized technologies like IGBT7 that perfectly match to the needs of drives applications like overload and switching speed control. SiC MOSFETs enable a high degree of integration due to low losses.

EBV - Product Highlights - ON Wireless Connectivity Grid Box Light (GBL)

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ON Semiconductor Wireless Connectivity

With its connectivity solutions ON Semiconductor is providing its customers a wide range of communication technology standards, both in wired and wireless connectivity.

EBV - Product Highlights - Microchip Analog Solutions - Grid Box Light (GBL)

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EBV & Microchip Analog Solutions

Find a path to analog through components and services designed for a digital mindset with your partners in IoT development, Avnet and Microchip.

Xilinx AI & ML Solutions

EBV and Xilinx are the right partners for you in accelerated computing applications, such as machine learning, image and video processing, and storage and network acceleration.

EBV - Infineon GAN Highlights Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Infineon CoolGaN™ Family

Infineon's CoolGaN™ family of HEMT devices significantly increases efficiencies in power conversion, improves power density and reduces the overall financial and environmental impact of power management compared to currently available solutions.

EBV - Product Highlights - Toshiba Photorelays Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Toshiba Photorelays

Toshiba offers low RON, low CoFF photorelays in ultra-small VSON/S-VSON packages for semiconductor test system applications, and general-purpose photorelays in various packages featuring high current and high off-state voltage.

EBV - Maxim Wearables Highlights Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Maxim Integrated Sensors for Wearables

Maxim Integrated has developed two new continuous-monitoring body sensors that provide higher degrees of accuracy in measuring vital signs such as temperature, heart rate and blood-oxygen saturation (SpO2).

EBV - Product Highlights - Nexperia Industrial Solutions Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Nexperia Industrial Solutions

The industrial environment is changing constantly towards energy efficiency, power miniaturization and system reliability. Nexperia supports these trends by securing interfaces, reducing the size of various apps, and increasing the power density.

EBV Maxim NanoPower Spotlight (GBL)

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Maxim Integrated nanoPower Technology

Maxim Integrated offers a wide range of nanoPower technology to help you lowering your IQ: nanoPower boost regulators, amplifiers, microprocessor supervisors and Darwin microcontrollers

EBV - NXP Circuits Highlights Grid Box Light (GBL)

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NXP RF Circuit Collection

NXP’s RF Circuit Collection is a comprehensive library of more than 400 RF power amplifier designs addressing a wide range of fast-growing markets.

EBV - IDT and Renesas Product HIghlights Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Renesas Winning Combinations

To immediately showcase how our complementary product portfolios work together to deliver comprehensive solutions, we’ve developed more than a dozen “Winning Combinations” — compelling Renesas-plus-IDT product combinations.

EBV - ST MEMS sensors Highlights Grid Box Light (GBL)

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STMicroelectronics MEMS Sensors

The STEVAL-MKIT03V1 is a MEMS sensors sample kit for environmental applications which includes 4 different MEMS sensor adapter boards to facilitate the evaluation of the STTS751, HTS221, LPS22HH and LPS33HW.

EBV - Product Highlights - Infineon 24 V steering Grid Box Light (GBL)

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Infineon 24 V Steering for Commerical Vehicles (EHPS)

The advantages of EHPS for CO2 reduction is important. It provides the demand oriented amount of oil and pressure that is required to operate the hydraulic steering systems of industrial vehicles on demand.

EBV Infineon LEV Spotlight (GBL)

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Infineon Light Electric Vehicle Solutions

Electrifying (the) future: LEVs are an increasingly important EV sub-category. Check Infineon's solutions for High/Low power LEVs, Battery chargers for LEVs as well as Development and Evaluation.