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Product Highlights

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Explore innovative product solutions

Please find below all current EBV featured Product Highlights from our leading-edge manufacturers.

IoT Highlights

Intel Programmable Solutions Group & EBV

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Intel Programmable Grid

Where IoT Meets the Real World

IoT solutions from ON Semiconductor and EBV provide huge improvements for your IoT application.

The EBV IoT - Smart, Secure, Connected - Everywhere

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The EBV IoT - Smart, Secure, Connected - Everywhere

Based on its expertise and heritage, EBV is uniquely positioned.

ST & EBV - the Broadest Portfolio for Industry 4.0

ST offers everything needed for Industry 4.0 applications...

Broadcom - Building the Ethernet Gateway for IoT

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Broadcom – Building the Ethernet Gateway for IoT

Design your product with Interoperability – the majority of all internet data traffic crosses a Broadcom chip today!

Innovation World Cup

The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup 2017 Kicks Off!

Maxim - Smart, Safe, Energy-Efficient IoT

Maxim provides secure, energy-efficient sensing and processing technologies that enable you to create smart, connected products

EBV - Connected Car

Solutions for the Car of the Future.

Wearables - Portable Solutions for the Internet of Things

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Wearables - Portable Solutions for the IoT

Smart plasters, fitness trackers, smart textiles, sports watches and shoes - wearables.

Industry 4.0 From EBV Man and Machine Solutions

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Industry 4.0 From EBV

For EBV, Industry 4.0 means the smart and secure collection and exchange of data.

Wherever You Are - EBV IoT Solutions from NXP

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EBV IoT Solutions from NXP

The NXP i.MX 6SoloX applications processor...

Featured Highlights

Get Secure with EBV

EBV Personalisation Services for Secure Devices

Find out about how EBV can support you on the personalisation of your secure devices.

EBV & Nexperia - New Partnership

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EBV & Nexperia

New Partnership of EBV

Nexperia, the partner of EBV Elektronik, is the name of the Standard Products business of NXP Semiconductors.

EBV Power Distributon Infineon

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EBV & Infineon

Power Distribution

Drive on with efficient and reliable technology Power Distribution with PROFET™.

Infineon and EBV - Power Distribution

EBV & Xilinx

New Partnership of EBV

A successful synergy: The world leading portfolio of Xilinx combined with the market and technology know-how of the EBV sales teams and FAE community.

Safe Isolation

Broadcom Optocouplers

Broadcom has been a leading supplier of optocouplers, also called opto-isolators, for more than 40 years.

EBV & Infineon

24 GHz

The new SMR series for home automation & security applications from InnoSenT & Infineon.

EBV & Infineon - 24 GHz


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SMART Lighting Solutions

Infineon – Human Centric Lighting

Light influences the well-being of people, characterizes their day and night time rhythm and effects activity and the ability to concentrate.

EBV & Infineon

Horticulture Lighting

We have the perfect solution for highly efficient, easy to design-in LED lighting applications.

EBV & Infineon Horticulture Lighting

EBV & STMicroelectronics

ST Standard Products

Standard products are in virtually every design and you just need them right away with no fuss no hurdles: just there.


A remarkable connection with technology

Ultrahaptics has developed a unique technology which allows users to receive haptic feedback in mid-air.

EBV & Infineon

Commercial, Construction and Agricultural Vehicles

With proven expertise in CAV and a comprehensive portfolio of robust, high-quality control and power semiconductor solutions, Infineon helps for successful and reliable designs for commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles.

EBV & ST Microelectronics

The Power to be flexible

Taking DCDC Conversion to the Next Level

All Highlights

NXP & EBV Swarm Intelligence Thread Wireless Connectivity Technology

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NXP & EBV - Swarm Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) is ever evolving and extending...

EBV & Infineon - OPTIGA Product Family

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EBV & Infineon - OPTIGA™ Product Family

Scalable and Feature-Rich Family of Solutions for Hardware-Based Embedded Security Applications.


EBV Memory Solutions

Once solely the mainstay of computing and communications products, today memories are found in a wide variety of applications from automotive to medical, industrial and consumer as well as internet connected devices.