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Toshiba Electronics Europe XPNxxx automotive MOSFETs

N-Channel MOSFETs for automotive (XPN3R804NC / XPN7R104NC / XPN6R706NC / XPN12006NC)

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The new high-efficiency N-channel MOSFETs are based on the company’s advanced U-MOSVIII-H process technology. They are fully AEC-Q101 compliant and intended for use in automotive environments. Thanks to their inherent compactness, they can significantly reduce the size of vehicle electronic control units (ECUs).

All four MOSFETs have extremely low on-resistance values, ranging as low as 3.8 mΩ (for the XPN3R804NC at 10 V) plus minimal leakage current and are packaged in TSON Advance (WF) surface-mount packages, which ensure that board utilization is kept to a minimum (footprint:3.3mm×3.6mm).


Key features

  • VDSS of 40 V and 60 V N-channel for automotive applications
  • Small and surface-mount package 3.3 x 3.6 mm
  • AEC-Q101 qualified
  • Extremely low ON-resistance values, ranging as low as 3.8 mΩ


Additional features

  • Voltage:
    •   XPN3R804NC and XPN7R104NC = 40V,
    •   XPN6R706NC and XPN12006NC = 60V
  • Low On-resistance:
    •   RDS(ON) = 3.8 mΩ (max) @ VGS=10 V (XPN3R804NC)
    •   RDS(ON) = 7.1 mΩ (max) @ VGS=10 V (XPN7R104NC)
    •   RDS(ON) = 6.7 mΩ (max) @ VGS=10 V (XPN6R706NC)
    •   RDS(ON) = 12.0 mΩ (max) @VGS=10 V (XPN12006NC)
  • Advantages and benefits:
  • TSON Advance wettable flanks package allows optical inspection of solder joints
  • Max. operating temperature of 175 °C suitable for automotive needs
  • Total power losses can be significantly reduced
  • Smaller, more compact designs could be achieved 



  • Automotive Equipment
  • Switching regulators
  • DC-DC converters
  • Motor Drivers

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