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SIMCom Wireless Solutions SIM7020 NB-IoT module

The SIM7020 series is an LPWA module that supports the wireless communication mode of Cat-NB

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The SIM7020 series is an LPWA module that supports the wireless communication mode of Cat-NB. It is designed for applications that need low latency and low throughput data communication in a variety of radio propagation conditions. The SIM7020 series adopts the LCC1 form factor and has a compact size of 17.6 x 15.7 mm, which makes it ideal for compact product design. The SIM7020 series has powerful expansibility with an abundance of interfaces including UART, GPIO, I2C, etc. 


Key features

  • With PSM and eDRX, the SIM7020 series can extend battery life up to 10 years
  • The SIM7020 series provides deeper coverage enhancement compared to GSM
  • The form factor and AT commands of the SIM7020 series are compatible with SIM800C
  • Powerful expansibility with abundant interfaces


Additional features

  • General info:
    • 17.6 x 15.7 family: SIM7020E/SIM7020E-ND/SIM7020E-D/SIM7020G/SIM7020G R13
    • Control via AT Commands
    • Operation temperature: -40 ℃ to +85 ℃
    • Dimensions: 17.6 X 15.7 X 2.3 mm 
  • Data:
    • Uplink: 150Kbps Downlink: 100Kbps 
    • SMS
    • Text and PDU mode 
  • Other Features:
    • TCP/UDP
    • Aira Cloud
    • Firmware update via UART
    • FOTA
    • EAT
  • Interfaces:
    • UART
    • SIM card (1.8 V/3 V)
    • SPI, I2C, GPIO
    • ADC
    • Netlight
    • PSM_EINT
    • Reset
    • Power key



  • Metering
  • Asset Tracking
  • Remote Monitoring
  • E-Health

SIMCom Wireless Solutions SIM7020 Module | EBV Elektronik

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