New Product Introduction

NXP S08PB series full-featured 8-bit MCU

The S08PB family is simple, yet powerful, and offers exceptional EFT/ESD performance

NXP QN9090 Series diagram

The S08PB family is simple, yet powerful, and offers exceptional EFT/ESD performance. This scalable and pin-compatible MCU family reuses existing S08 core, IP and tools for easy migration from existing 8-bit S08 products. The S08PB MCUs integrate key features like 12-bit ADC, analog comparator, amplifier, I2C, and flexible timers to simplify design and to help reduce system cost.


Key features

  • 8-Bit S08 CPU at 20Mhz, With Up to 16 KB Flash, Up to 1 KB RAM With Access Protection
  • System Protection and Power-saving Modes
  • Competitive Analog and Peripherals
  • Development Support and Package Options


Additional features

  • 8-bit S08 CPU
    • Up to 20 MHz
    • up to 30 interrupt/reset
    • up to 4-level nested interrupt
  • Memory Combination
    • Up to 16KB Flash
    • Up to 1KB RAM
    • Flash and RAM access protection
  • Power-saving modes
    • One 1.2 uA low-power stop mode; reduced power wait mode
  • Clocks
    • Support crystal or ceramic resonator range of 31.25 kHz to 39.0625 kHz or 4 MHz to 20 MHz
    • Internal Clock Source (ICS)
  • System protection
    • Watchdog with independent clock source
    • Low-voltage detection with reset or interrupt
    • Illegal opcode detection with reset
    • Illegal address detection with reset
  • Development support
    • Single-wire background debug
    • Breakpoint capability to allow 3 breakpoints
    • On-chip ICE debug
  • Peripherals
    • ADC - 12-channel, 12-bit resolution; 2.5 μs conversion time
    • FTM - Two flex timer modulators
    • FDS - Shut down output pin upon fault detection
    • MTIM - Two with 8-bit pre-scaler and overflow interrupt
    • PWT — One pulse width time
    • SCI - One SCI/UART modules
    • I2C - One up to 400 kbps
    • ACMP - Two analog comparator
    • OPAMP — One OPAMP with fixed gain x20
    • RTC - 16-bit real timer counter
    • CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check
    • KBI - Up to 8 keyboard interrupt inputs
  • Input / Output
    • Up to 18 GPIOs
    • One 8-bit keyboard interrupt module (KBI)
  • Package options
    • 16-pin TSSOP
    • 20-pin TSSOP



  • Small Appliances
  • Electric Motors
  • Power Tools
  • Window Lifters
  • Lighting Controls
  • Lock Controls
  • Battery Chargers
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Portable Devices

Available tools


The S08PB16-EVK is cost-effective development hardware for the NXP S08PB and S08PLS 5V 8-bit MCUs

  • S08PB16-EVK is small, yet powerful, with rich integrated peripherals to evaluate all features of S08PB and S08PLS MCUs.
  • Provide a free sample code for users’ reference.

 Board Features:

  • TSSOP20 packaged S08PB MCU, 20 MHz
  • 16 KB flash memory, 1 KB RAM
  • USB interface with micro-B USB connector
  • Onboard debugger (OSBDM) with a virtual serial port, support flash program and run control debug without an external debugger
  • Arduino® compatible header for user extension, support connecting with FRDM-MC-LVBLDC board for motor control development
  • Potentiometer