New Product Introduction

NXP QN9090 high capability and low power bluetooth 5

Supporting Bluetooth 5, the QN series MCUs enable the next generation of intelligent connected devices

NXP QN9090 Series diagram

Supporting Bluetooth 5, the QN series MCUs enable the next generation of intelligent connected devices. These highly integrated SoCs with up to 640 KB Flash and 152 KB RAM utilize Cortex-M4, enabling ultra-low-power without compromising performance to extend battery life.

In addition to integrated microcontroller peripherals, radio, and NFC, NXP provides a host Bluetooth Low Energy software stack, and several GATT profiles and services. QN series MCUs provide software and tool enablement via MCUXpresso; with its scalability, this portfolio is an ideal fit for industrial and IoT applications.


Key features

  • Microcontroller Intelligence
  • Standardized Connectivity
  • Ultra-low Power
  • Value and Portfolio


Additional features

Microcontroller Intelligence

  • Rich set of MCU capabilities:
    • Numerous low power modes
    • Digital MIC interface with wake up on audio events
    • Crypto Hash and AES with HW protected key
    • Quad SPI NOR flash memory controller 

Standardized Connectivity

  • 2.4 GHz radio supporting Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0/802.15.4. BT Low Energy 2 Mbps PHY and up to 8 concurrent Bluetooth connections with antenna diversity support

Ultra-low Power

  • Industry-leading low-power solution for Connected applications:
    • 4.3 mA RX, 7.4 mA @ +0 dBm TX, 20.5 mA TX @ +10 dBm


  • Optional NFC NTAG for standardized out-of-band communications, along with integrated RF balun,
  • Power amplifier (up to +11 dBm) 
  • Smart package for reducing the manufacturing costs


  • NXP offers pin-to-pin compatible solutions for 802.15.4 and Multiprotocol RF devices along with industry-leading solutions across the spectrum of embedded processing 



  • Wearables
  • Health Devices
  • Toys and Gaming
  • Sports and Fitness Trackers
  • HID Devices Such as Controllers and Remote Control Units
  • Smart Home Nodes
  • Building and Home Automation
  • Retail and Advertising Beacons

Available tools

QN9090 MCUS Hardware enablement

QN9090DK (PN: QN9090-DK006)

  • QN9090T (with NFC NTAG )
  • On-board CMSIS offering Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and UART interfaces for QN9090 debug and communication
  • Mini USB port for power and communications
  • Arduino compatible interface to easy system prototyping

USB Dongle (PN:OM15080-QN9090)

  • Ideal for Bluetooth Low Energy test case development and/or connection to PC/Tablet
  • Integrated PCB meander antenna
  • RF regulatory certified
  • USB Type A Connector


  • Module on mezzanine board