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NXP Semiconductors NTAG 5 link® NFC forum-compliant I2C bridge

NFC Forum-Compliant I2C Bridge for IoT on Demand

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NXP's NTAG 5 Link lets designers of sensor-equipped systems add an NFC interface with a wired host interface that is configurable as an I2C Master/Slave, a PWM, or a GPIO. Operating at 13.56 MHz, it is an NFC Forum-compliant contactless tag that can be read and written by an NFC-enabled device at close range and by an ISO/IEC 15693-enabled industrial reader over a longer range.


Key features

  • Configurable Wired Interfaces: I²C Master and Slave, PWM, GPIO, Event Detection
  • Scalable security: 128-bit-AES Mutual Authentication
  • Energy Harvesting with Configurable Output Voltage and Power up to 30 mW
  • AES Mutual Authentication


Additional features

  • AES mutual authentication (not available for the NTP5312)
  • I2C Slave and Master channel (Master not available for the NTP5312)
  • GPIO and PWM
  • Energy harvesting with configurable output up to 30 mW
  • NFC Interface
    • Fully NFC Forum Type 5 Tag compliant
    • 8-byte Unique Identifier
    • 32-byte reprogrammable originality signature
  • Host Interface
    • I2C Slave and Master interface supports up to 400 kHz
    • 2 GPIOs
    • 2 Pulse Width Modulation output channel
    • Event Detection pin
  • Scalable Security
    • AES 128-bit mutual authentication
    • 32/64-bit password protection
    • Read-only locking
    • NFC silence
    • 3 configurable user memory areas
    • ECC-based reprogrammable originality signature
  • Memory
    • 2048 bytes user memory
    • 256 bytes SRAM



  • IoT Sensors Read Without an MCU and Battery
  • Smart Living Applications
  • Industrial Applications


Additional Resources

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A brief introduction to the NTAG 5 family is also available in the EBV Blog section:

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