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NXP Semiconductors LPC551x/S1x series Cortex-M33 MCU

The LPC551x/S1x MCU family expands the first general-purpose Cortex®-M33 based MCU series

NXP S08PLS Series diagram

The LPC551x/S1x MCU family expands the first general-purpose Cortex®-M33 based MCU series, offering significant advantages for developers, including pin-, software- and peripheral-compatibility for ease of use and to help accelerate time to market, while leveraging the cost-effective 40-nm NVM process technology.

The LPC551x/S1x is the entry-level family within the LPC5500 MCU series, providing new levels of cost and performance efficiency in addition to advanced security and system integration for industrial, IoT and general embedded applications.


Key features

  • Ultra-efficient 40 nm Flash Technology
  • System Integration for Industrial and IoT Markets
  • Enhanced Safety and Security with Arm® TrustZone®-M Technology
  • Comprehensive Enablement with MCUXpresso Ecosystem


Additional features

  •  Ultra-efficient 40 nm flash technology
    • Over 600 CoreMarks and as low as 32 uA/MHz
  •  System Integration for Industrial and IoT Markets
    • High-Precision ADCs
    • CAN-FD for industrial control
    • HS USB with on-chip PHY
  •  Enhanced safety and security with Arm TrustZone®-M technology
  •  Comprehensive enablement with MCUXpresso Ecosystem

Core Platform and On-chip Memory

  • Cortex®-M33, up to 150 MHz
  • TrustZone®, FPU, and MPU
  • Up to 256 KB on-chip flash
  • Up to 96 KB total SRAM
  • On-chip ROM bootloader


  • PRINCE module for real-time encryption of data being written to on-chip flash and decryption of encrypted flash data during reading to allow asset protection
  • CASPER Crypto co-processor to enable HW acceleration
  • AES-256
  • Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA2)
  • Physical Unclonable Function(PUF)
  • Secure GPIO
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • 128-bit UUID



  • Industrial & Building Automation:
  • Remote IO and Sensor Nodes
  • Elevators
  • Smart Lighting and Utilities
  • Consumer Products
  • Gaming and PC Peripherals
  • Vehicle/Asset Tracking Systems
  • Cordless Power Tools and Appliances
  • Smart Home
  • Secure/Biometric Access Control
  • Security Systems
  • Sensor Nodes


LPC5500 MCU Series

The LPC5500 MCU Series leverages the Arm® Cortex®-M33, combining significant product architecture enhancements and greater integration over previous generations; offering dramatic power consumption improvements and advanced security features including SRAM PUF based root of trust and provisioning, real-time execution from encrypted images (internal flash), and asset protection with Arm TrustZone®-M.

The LPC5500 MCU series provides a comprehensive offering and several scalability options, all of which benefit from 40-nm cost advantages, broad scalable packages and memory options, as well as a robust enablement including the MCUXpresso ecosystem and low-cost development boards.


Available tools

LPCXpresso55S16 Board (LPC55S16-EVK): Development Board Enablement

The LPCXpresso55S16 development board provides the ideal platform for evaluation of and development with the LPC551x/S1x MCU based on the Arm Cortex-M33 architecture.

The board features an onboard LPC-Link2 debug probe based on the LPC4322 MCU for a performance debug experience over high-speed USB, with easy firmware update options to support CMSIS-DSP or a special version of J-link LITE from SEGGER. The board can also be used with an external debug probe such as those from SEGGER and P&E.


  • LPC55S16 Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller running at up to 150 MHz
  • LPC-Link2 debug high-speed USB probe with VCOM port
  • I2C and SPI USB bridging to the LPC device via LPC-Lin2 probe
  • SWO trace support (MCUXpresso IDE)
  • NXP TJA1044GTJ High-Speed CAN Transceiver
  • Debug connector to allow debug of target microcontroller using an external probe
  • MikroElectronica Click expansion option
  • LPCXpresso expansion connectors compatible with Arduino UNO
  • PMod compatible expansion/ host connector
  • Reset, ISP, wake and user buttons for easy testing of software functionality
  • Tri-color LED
  • Full speed and High-speed USB device/ host port
  • UART header for external serial to USB cable
  • D-sub (female) connector
  • Stereo audio codec with Lin In/out
  • NXP MMA8652 accelerometer

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