New Product Introduction

NXP Semiconductors KW39/38/37 MCUs

The KW39/38/37 are based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ at 48 MHz with up to 512 KB on-chip flash with error code correction (ECC), 64 KB SRAM and highly-integrated connectivity, security and analog capabilities

NXP Semiconductors KW393837 product image

The KW39/38/37 are based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ at 48 MHz with up to 512 KB on-chip flash with error code correction (ECC), 64 KB SRAM and highly-integrated connectivity, security and analog capabilities. These wireless MCUs integrate long-range capability with Bluetooth® Low Energy version 5.0 and generic FSK radio. Achieving -105 dBm sensitivity with LE-coded 125 kbit/s data rate allows for connections in harsh environments and at extended distances. The KW38 MCU integrates FlexCAN, enabling integration into an automotive or industrial CAN network, supporting CAN flexible data rate (CAN FD).


Key features

  • Simplified integration of Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Flex CAN FD and LIN support
  • Automotive and industrial qualified
  • Complete Enablement


Additional features

  • Simplified integration of Bluetooth® connectivity:
    • Bluetooth® 5.0 and Generic FSK, 8 simultaneous connections
    • Wi-Fi co-existence
    • 3rd generation radio from NXP providing performance enhancements for latest use cases
    • Direct access to radio registers to implement proprietary localization applications (selected engagements)
  • Flex CAN FD and LIN support:
    • CAN FD and two low power UARTs with LIN
    • Easy integration into automotive in-vehicle and industrial wired communication networks
    • CAN FD for increased bandwidth and lower latency required by many automotive and industrial applications
  • Automotive and industrial qualified:
    • AEC Q100-Grade 2 qualified ("A" version)
    • Industrial qualified ("Z" version)
    • Operating Range (Ambient): -40 °C to +105 °C
    • MISRA and ASPICE compliant software
  • Complete Enablement:
    • Comprehensive software tools though MCUXpresso Suite including SDK and IDE
  • Security:
    • AES Accelerator and True Random Number Generator



  • Automotive:
  • Car access, Keyless entry, Car sharing, Sensors
  • Passive entry/passive start (PEPS) systems
  • Wireless on-board diagnostic functions
  • Tire pressure measurement sensors (TPMS) systems
  • Industrial:
  • Building control and monitoring
  • Building HVAC control
  • Fire/security
  • Retail pricing management
  • Data usage collection
  • CAN to BLE bridge
  • Smart Consumer Devices:
  • Retail trackers, Asset tracking


Available tools

Enablement: Development / Evaluation Boards / Development board PN: FRDM-KW38

FRDM-KW38 Freedom Development Board

  • Includes MKW38Z512VHT4
  • Can be configured as Host or Shield for connection to Host Processor
  • Supports all DC-DC configurations
  • PCB inverted F-type antenna
  • Minimum number of matching components
  • FCC Part15 & EN300 328 compliant
  • Serial Flash for OTA firmware upgrades
  • On board NXP FXOS8700CQ digital sensor, 3D Accelerometer (±2g/±4g/±8g) + 3D Magnetometer
  • CAN/LIN connectivity
  • OpenSDA and JTAG debug
  • Full MCUXpresso support

To complement the offering, NXP includes a comprehensive enablement of software and tools to help the designs reach the market faster and more robust at and

Wireless Packet Sniffer - USB Dongle: USB-KW38

  • Ideal for Bluetooth LE/Generic FSK/802.15.4 sniffer or connection to PC/Tablet
  • Integrated PCB meander antenna
  • RF regulatory certified
  • OpenSDA, SWD and JTAG debug
  • USB Type A Connector

The USB Dongle can be used as a wireless sniffer to monitor the wireless communication packets in the targeted network. Simply by connecting to a PC and installing the required monitoring software. Alternatively, the USB dongle can be used as a wireless node with an easy connection to a PC or other USB enabled device. Visit to get more information.