New Product Introduction

Micron Technology 2100AI/2100AT Micron Industrial and Automotive SSDs

Extend Microns proven client SSD portfolio into automotive and industrial domains

Micron Technology 2100AI 2100AT product image

Thrive in Extreme Conditions Using Solid State Storage.

Boost performance and reliability of leading-edge automotive electronics systems and industrial-grade applications with the Micron® 2100AI/AT SSDs.

Extend Microns proven client SSD portfolio into automotive and industrial domains.


Key features

  • Extended Temperature: (TCASE) AI: -40 to 95 °C, AT: -40 to 105 °C
  • Reliability: Vibration (M.2): 20 G at 7 - 2000 Hz
  • Packages: M.2 (22 x 30), BGA (16 x 20 x 1.2/1.6 mm)
  • Encryption: 256-bit AES, TCG Opal 2.0


Additional features

  • Extended Temperature Ranges:
    • Withstand extreme environments with industrial temperature range, and adaptive thermal throttling
  • Robust Data Security:
    • Protect data with industry-leading and on-the-fly hardware-based encryption
    • Secure firmware download
    • Cryptographic erase
  • Data Path Protection:
    • Help protect user data as it passes through the SSD
  • Power-Loss Protection:
    • Protect data at rest, helping to ensure data integrity in unexpected power-loss events
  • Responsive Performance:
    • Deliver significantly faster boot, file and application load times compared to traditional hard drives
  • Low Power Consumption:
    • Consume considerably less power than typical hard drives
  • SSDs for Automotive and Industrial Markets



  • Infotainment, Navigation, and Driver Information
  • Adaptive Driver Assistance Program, Black Box
  • Heavy Robotics, Remote Communication Equipment
  • Medical Equipment, Aerospace Solutions
  • Smart Security, Home, Retail
  • Energy and Transportation Solutions