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Infineon Technologies WCDSC006 EiceDRIVER™ gate-driver IC

EiceDRIVER™ WCDSC006 - Half-bridge level-shift gate-driver IC

 Infineon Technologies WCDSC006 for wireless charging product image

The half-bridge gate driver EiceDRIVER™ WCDSC006 is particularly suitable to drive both high-side and low-side MOSFETs in a half-bridge inverter configuration especially in inductive wireless power charging technology for smartphones.


Key features

  • -0.3 V to 7 V input bin capability
  • 4 A sink and 2 A source current capability for high-side and lo-side drivers
  • Independent high-side / low-side TTL logic inputs
  • Integrated bootstrap diode


Additional features

  • Maximum bootstrap voltage of 60 V
  • 5 ns (typ) dead-time to prevent shoot-through



  • Wireless Charging


Available tools

  •  REF_10WTX_QI_4102
  • MOSFET, Linear Voltage Regulator (LDO), Gate Driver, Microcontroller
  • The 15 W wireless power transmitter evaluation module is a high-performance, easy-to-use development kit designed for applications up to 15W of power transfer. It supports an input voltage range of 9 to12 V and compatible with QC 3.0 adaptors
  • BSS223PW
  • BSZ097N04LS G
  • IFX20002MB V33
  • WCDSC006
  • XMC6521SC-Q040X AA

Infineon Technologies WCDSC006 EiceDRIVER™ | EBV Elektronik

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