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Infineon OptiMOS™ 5 80 V/100 V automotive MOSFET

OptiMOS™ 5 80 V/100 V automotive MOSFET in SSO8 and S3O8 packages for 48 V applications

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Infineon is extending its product family of 80 V and 100 V MOSFETs based on OptiMOS™-5 Silicon technology. The MOSFET family is offered in the SSO8 package with its 5x6 mm² footprint for medium power and the smaller S3O8 for lower power applications, such as 48 V auxiliaries, but also automotive LED lighting. The new MOSFETs have tightened VGS thresholds in order to support designs with parallel MOSFETs, providing a very low system level RDS(ON). Next to the low RDS(ON) types, a broad selection of 80 V and 100 V MOSFETs with higher RDS(ON) is on offer.


Key features

  • RDS(ON) down to 3.1 mΩ (80 V) and 4.0 mΩ (100 V) in SSO8 package
  • Higher RDS(ON) variants in 80 V and 100 V in small S3O8 package
  • Reduced conduction losses
  • Optimized switching performance


Additional features

  • Reduced form factor compared to traditional SMD packages



  • 48 V Application
  • Battery Management and Power Distribution
  • E-booster, E-compressor and E-suspension
  • Auxiliaries


Available tools


  • This demo kit is a solution example of an isolated power topology for 48V mild-hybrid applications. The reference design board operates at 400 kHz switching frequency in the [0-1]A load range at 12V nominal output, the functional input voltage range is [6-35]V.TLE8386-2EL


  • 48V 12kW power stage of BSG/ISG inverter, liquid cooling, TOLG on IMS boardIAUS300N08S5N012

Infineon OptiMOSTM-5 80 V/100 V Automotive MOSFET | EBV Elektronik

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