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Infineon Technologies EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN7550U motor control ICs

The iMOTION™ IMC300 series is a family of motor control ICs with an additional user-programmable microcontroller

Infineon Technologies EiceDRIVER 1EDN7550U product image

The 1EDN7550U is a non-isolated gate-driver IC and available in an ultrasmall TSNP package. It has truly differential control inputs, which enables cost-effective solutions with exceptional power density.


Key features

  • Truly differential inputs for configurable common mode robustness
  • 4 A source current
  • 8 A sink current
  • Separate source/sink outputs


Additional features

  • Low-ohmic output stage
  • 29 ns input minimum pulse width
  • -7 ns / +10 ns propagation delay accuracy
  • 5 A reverse current robustness of the outputs
  • 4 V UVLO version
  • TSNP-6 package



  • Boost-PFCs with Kelvin-Source MOSFETs
  • Interleaved PFC
  • Full-Bridge Synchronous Rectification Stages
  • 48 V to 12 V Intermediate Bus Converters
  • Buck-Boost Converters
  • Low- and Medium-Voltage Half-Bridges

Infineon Technologies EiceDRIVER™ 1EDN7550U | EBV Elektronik

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