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Infineon Technologies 2EDF9275F & 2EDS9265H EiceDRIVER™ ICs

2EDF9275F & 2EDS9265H - Dual-channel isolated SiC MOSFET EiceDRIVER™ ICs

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The two new family members of the 2EDi family are designed for the use in high-performance power conversion applications. Very strong 4 A /8 A source/sink dual-channel gate drivers increase efficiency in CoolSiC™ MOSFET half-bridges. The low propagation delay of 37 ns, combined with highly accurate and stable timing over temperature and production, enables further efficiency gains within and across galvanically isolated power stages or in multi-phase/multi-level topologies.


Key features

  • Fast power switching with accurate timing
  • Optimized for area and system BOM
  • Robust against switching noise
  • Output-to-output channel isolation


Additional features

  • Fast power switching with accurate timing:
    • Available with 4 A/8 A and 1 A/2 A source/sink currents
    • Propagation delay typ. 37 ns with 3 ns
    • Channel-to-channel precision
    • Max. propagation delay variation ~14 ns
  • Optimized for area and system BOM:
    • Isolation and driver in one package
    • Low power dissipation due to low on-resistance
    • Output stages with 5 A reverse current capability
  • Robustness against switching noise:
    • Floating drivers are able to handle large inductive voltage over- and undershoots
    • Very good common-mode transient immunity
    • CMTI > 150 V/ns
    • Undervoltage lockout function for switch protection
  • Output- to -output channel isolation:
    • Functional level galvanic isolation
  • Input-to-output channel isolation:
    • Functional and reinforced galvanic isolation 



  • Industrial SMPS
  • EV-charging
  • Smart grid
  • UPS
  • Server
  • Battery Powered Applications
  • Telecom DC-DC

Infineon Technologies 2EDF9275F & 2EDS9265H Driver | EBV Elektronik

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