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Toshiba TLP34xxSRL and TLP34xxSRH Low voltage driven photorelays

Toshiba introduced a new family of 5 photorelays housed in one of the industry’s smallest packages

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Toshiba introduced a new family of 5 photorelays housed in one of the industry’s smallest packages. The new photorelays are housed in a tiny S-VSON4T (2.0 x 1.45 mm) packages and require a mounting space of just 2.9 mm², a footprint approx. 27% smaller than the previous generation. In addition, all devices have a built-in input resistor, saving space by eliminating the need for an external resistor. The tiny package will allow engineers to design smaller test boards, especially probe cards. It also allows the number of photorelays on board to be increased to achieve higher density solutions.



  • One of The Smallest Packages on the Market
  • Voltage-driven, Due to Built-in Resistor
  • Supply Voltages 3,3 V and 1,8 V
  • Supports Higher Density Solutions


Additional features


  • Very small mounting space, size of a PCB can be reduced and many devices can be mounted on a small area
  • No external resistor needed to drive LED on the input side
  • 1,8 V supply to comply with the latest FPGA technology


  • Small and compact PCBs are possible
  • Cost and space reduction, as no external resistor is needed
  • Can be directly driven by low input voltage from MCU


  • Probe Cards
  • Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Logic and Memory Testers, etc.
  • Measuring instruments (Oscilloscope, Data Logger, etc.)
  • Factory Automation

Toshiba TLP34xxSRL and TLP34xxSRH photorelays | EBV Elektronik

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Toshiba Photorelays

Toshiba offers low RON, low CoFF photorelays in ultra-small VSON/S-VSON packages for semiconductor test system applications, and general-purpose photorelays in various packages featuring high current and high off-state voltage.

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