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Toshiba TCKE8xxNA and TCKE8xxNL resettable eFuse IC

Toshiba's new electronic fuse solution provides multiple protection options for power supply lines

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Toshibas new electronic fuse solution provides multiple protection options for power supply lines.

Whereas conventional fuses perform a sacrificial function, physically breaking the electrical link to the circuit they are protecting, eFuses offer a resettable solution that additionally provide further protection features that a typical fuse cannot. This includes functions such as a highly accurate over-current limit, overvoltage protection, and over-temperature protection in addition to short-circuit protection.

The range consists of 6 items that support various protection functions.



  • Thin WSON10B Package (3.00 x 3.00 mm, 0.75mm)
  • Typical RON of Just 28 mΩ
  • Input voltages of 4.4 to 18.0 V are Supported
  • Output Current IOUT up to 5 A


Additional features

  • Integrated fast-trip comparator can switch off the output typically within 150 ns
  • An external capacitor can be included to reduce inrush current
  • Certified to IEC 62368-1

Additional Benefits:

  • Provides customers a simplified path to certification testing of their products
  • In addition to the highly accurate over-current protection function, the new products are equipped with functions for highly accurate over-voltage protection, inrush current reduction through slew rate control, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and reverse-current blocking under protecting state (an external N-ch MOSFET is required). They are eFuse IC products in a thin package suitable for protecting power supply lines.


  • Circuit Protection of Power Supply Lines
  • Thermostat
  • Cordless Appliances
  • Cleaning Robots
  • Smart Speaker
  • Wireless Charger

Toshiba TCKE8xxNA and TCKE8xxNL Resettable eFuse IC | EBV Elektronik

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