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STMicroelectronics L9918 alternator voltage regulator

The L9918 is an alternator voltage regulator equipped with the LIN protocol interface

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The L9918 is an alternator voltage regulator equipped with the LIN protocol interface. The device is intended to be used in automotive applications for 12 V systems. The presence of NVM cells for device parameters programmability makes it suitable for a wide range of charging applications. The device is housed into an alternator brush holder and it provides current to the excitation coil of the alternator through a high side power MOSFET driver. The device is suitable for alternators with different poles pair number. An active freewheeling circuit is also integrated into the device.


Key features

  • ​LIN Communication Protocol
  • High Side Power MOSFET Driver
  • Closed Loop Voltage Control
  • Full ISO26262 Compliant, ASIL-B Systems Ready


Additional features

The main function is to modulate the rotor current in order to keep the voltage steady to a target value (set-point). This set point target is typically commanded by the ECU and it is achieved using an internal voltage reference. Set-point is communicated along with many other functional parameters during the regular device functioning. Other features include:

  • Physical Layer compliant with LIN 2.2A specification
  • Data Link Layer compliant with LIN 1.3, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.2A specification
  • 13 sets of LIN frames selectable
  • Compliant to VDA LIN-Generator-Regulator specification


  • Automotive Applications 12 V Systems

STMicroelectronics L9918 alternator voltage regulator | EBV Elektronik

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