New Product Introduction

NXP Semiconductors K32 L2 MCU family low-power MCUs

Low-Power MCUs with scalable performance and memory integration

NXP Semiconductors K32 L2 MCU Family product image

The K32 L2 MCU family's low-leakage architecture, combined with its power-optimized peripherals and security features (cryptographic acceleration, cyclic redundancy check, and a true random number generator), make it ideal for consumer, industrial and IoT applications requiring a low-priced, power-efficient option with longer battery life.

This family includes a low power Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core and scaling from 64KB to 512KB Flash and 32KB to 128KB SRAM, offering a wide range of memory resources to fit different application within a small-form-factor, low power, and highly integrated design.


Key features

  • Scalable Performance, Memory Integration and Packaging Options
  • High Mixed-Signal Integration: 16-bit ADC, DMA-addressable DAC and low-power peripherals
  • Comprehensive Enablement: MCUXpresso with drivers/examples and development hardware
  • Low-leakage architecture, with power-optimized peripherals and security features


Additional features

Scalable Performance and Memory Integration

  • Devices achieving maximum of 48 MHz to 72 MHz CPU frequency
  • From 64 KB to 512 KB Flash and 32 KB to 128 KB SRAM
  • Different Package options from 32-pin to 100-pin including BGA, LQFP, and QFN

High Mixed-Signal Integration

  • Smart, low-power peripherals including USB FS, LPUART, I2C, SPI with DMA support
  • 16-bit ADC with configurable resolution and 12-bit DAC with DMA support
  • Touch sensing interface, Segment LCD and FlexIO for added flexibility

Comprehensive Enablement

  • MCUXpresso Developer Ecosystem
  • Complete development hardware, software stacks, drivers and RTOS for fast time to market



  • Industrial & Building Automation
  • Factory Automation, Robotics, Building HVAC
  • Security and Access Control
  • Battery Operated Applications
  • USB Peripherals
  • Low-Power Applications
  • Door locks, Smart thermostats, Lighting control
  • Security systems


Available tools

Enablement: Development Boards

The FRDM- K32L2B3 Freedom Development Board provides a platform for evaluation and development of the K32 L2B product sub-family. The board is now orderable.  

Board Features

  • Includes K32L2B31VLH0Awith an energy-efficient Arm® Cortex®-M0+ processor
  • Flexible power supply options
  • Onboard NXP FXOS8700CQ digital sensor, 3D Accelerometer (±2g/±4g/±8g) + 3D Magnetometer
  • OpenSDA and SWD debug
  • Onboard Segment LCD
  • Full MCUXpresso SDK software and tools support

To complement the offering, NXP includes comprehensive enablement of software and tools to help the designs reach the market faster and more robust at .

NXP will also offer another board FRDM-K32L2A4S board for evaluation and developments of K32L2A products, the board availability coming soon.


Enablement: Software

MCUXpresso SDK

  • Extensive suite of robust peripheral drivers, stacks, and middleware
  • Includes software examples demonstrating the use of peripheral drivers and middleware

Supported Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

  • MCUXprersso IDE
  • IAR® Embedded Workbench
  • Arm Keil® Microcontroller Development Kit

MCUXpresso Config Tools

  • An integrated suite of configuration tools that helps guide users from first evaluation to production software development
  • Includes pins, clocks and peripheral tools for generation of MCUXpresso SDK code