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Nexperia 200 V recovery rectifiers

Standard, ultrafast and hyperfast recovery rectifier in state-of-the-Art CFP packages

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Nexperia's recovery rectifiers deliver high power density while minimizing reverse recovery time and loss. The devices are offered in CFP packages and are AEC-Q101 qualified. For efficient switching and power conversion applications in automotive, industrial and consumer markets.


Key features

  • Hyperfast Recovery Rectifiers
  • CFP Packages Offering Optimized Performance
  • AEC-Q101 Qualified
  • Voltage up to 200 V


Additional features

  • High-speed switching capability
  • Low voltage drop (VF @ IF max ~ 1 V)
  • Low leakage current, also at high temperature
  • High power density/high-efficiency planar technology
  • Flat package design (package height 1 mm typ.)
  • Small and flat lead SMD plastic package
  • Minimized occupation area for shrunk design
  • High current pulse capability due to clip-bond technology
  • Low magnetic inductance for optimum switching behavior
  • Hyperfast recovery time



  • Polarity protection
  • DC/DC conversion
  • AC/DC conversion
  • Freewheeling of inductive load
  • Standard switching application
  • High-speed switching application

Nexperia 200 V recovery rectifiers | EBV Elektronik

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