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Infineon XDPL8218 high power factor constant voltage flyback IC

The XDPL8218 is a digital, highly integrated, future-proof device

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The XDPL8218 is a digital, highly integrated, future-proof device. It combines a constant voltage quasi-resonant flyback controller with algorithms for high power factor and low THD. Main application field for XDPL8218 is for dual stage designs with a DC-DC stage at secondary side and XDPL8218 as primary side. The device manages wide load ranges and reacts fast and stable to dynamic load changes. The digital core of the XDPL8218 enables high efficiency over wide output power range.

Key features

  • Programmable constant voltage output with secondary-side regulation
  • Supports AC and DC input
  • Reference board efficiency > 90%
  • Power factor > 0.9 and THD < 15% over wide load range


Additional features:

  • Nominal input voltage range 100 VAC – 277 VAC or 127 VDC – 430 VDC
  • Standby power < 100 mW
  • Temperature guard with adaptive thermal management with on-chip sensor
  • Digital control selects automatically best mode of operation, depending on actual requirements
  • QRM (Quasi-resonant mode)
  • DCM (Discontinuous conduction mode)
  • ABM (Active burst mode)
  • Tunable, digital parameters
  • Configurable brown-out and brown-in protections
  • Embedded digital filters
  • Relevant error conditions are monitored and protected (Undervoltage / Overvoltage / Open load / Output shorted)


  • LED driver with constant voltage secondary-side regulation

Available tools

Reference design:
high power factor flyback converter with constant voltage output and secondary-side regulation

The REF-XDPL8218-U40W is an efficient high performance reference design with XDP™ digital power CV output primary stage for 40 W LED driver. This reference design is featuring high power factor constant voltage flyback controller IC (XDPL8218) with secondary-side feedback. It presents excellent power quality over wide load range.

This design enables exchangeable feedback via pluggable extension boards:

Standard reference feedback board (default)
BCR601 based feedback board (optional)
Standard reference & ILDx150 boards (optional)

It has configurable output power limitation. The design features protection modes for most failure modes.

Order Code: REFXDPL8218U40WTOBO1



This is the galvanic isolated and CE certified .dp Inter-faceGen2, which is used to set parameters and pro-tection behavior for digital power products. It can be used to either test parameter temporarily or to burn them permanently. The .dp device will be connected via USB to a computer and is controlled using the .dp Vision Software.


Infineon XDPL8218 future-proof device | EBV Elektronik

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