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Infineon Technologies OPTIGA™ TPM SLI 9670 automotive module

The OPTIGA™ TPM SLI 9670 is a quality hardened Trusted Platform Module (TPM), specially designed for automotive applications

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The OPTIGATM TPM SLI 9670 is a quality hardened Trusted Platform Module (TPM), specially designed for automotive applications. It is based on a tamper-resistant secure microcontroller, using advanced hardware security technology. 

As a turnkey solution, it is flashed with a securely coded firmware according to latest TCG family 2.0 specifications, offering a rich feature set of security functions such as key management, authentication, signature functions (signing/verifying), encryption/decryption, secured logging, and secured time.


Key features

  • Standardized and Market-Approved turnkey Security Solution (TCG Standard TPM 2.0)
  • Highly reliable NVM technology
  • SPI interface
  • Extended temperature range (-40 °C to 105 °C)


Additional features

  • High-End Tamper Resistant Security Controller with Advanced Cryptographic Algorithms (RSA-2048, ECC-256, AES-128, SHA-256)
  • Enhanced Security Features (Shielding, Security Sensors, TRNG, etc.)
  • Security Features are Implemented in Hardware
  • Full System Integration Support
  • Automotive Qualification According To AEC-Q100
  • Security Certification According to Common Criteria EAL4+
  • High-End Tamper Resistant Security Solution Based On Market Leading Security Expertise Protecting Most Sensitive Assets (Keys, IP, Data, and Business Cases)
  • Reduced Security Risk Based On Proven Technology (TCG Standard TPM 2.0)
  • High Flexibility Thanks to a Wide Range Of Integrated Security Functions
  • Secured Key Store and Management: Secured Personalization (Key Injection in Secured Environment) Allows for the Costs Reduction
  • Updatability of the TPM Firmware Offers Long-Term Crypto Agility and Sustainability
  • Easy and Cost-Efficient System Integration Through Available Open Source Drivers (e.g. Linux Drivers)



  • Remote Car Access
  • SW & FW Over-the-Air Update
  • Car Sharing
  • Fleet Management
  • Remote Diagnostics & Service Call
  • Audio/video Streaming
  • Mobile Phone Integration
  • Data Marketplace & Vehicle Data Analytics


Available tools

Evaluation Board: IRIDIUM SLI 9670 TPM2.0
Infineon TPM SLI 9670 Iridium add-on board for Raspberry Pi. For integration into the corresponding platform OS (Linux, Win10IoT, etc.)

Infineon Technologies OPTIGA™ TPM SLI 9670 module | EBV Elektronik

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