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Infineon Technologies ILD8150/ILD8150E 80 V DC-DC buck LED driver IC

The ILD8150/ILD8150E is an 80 V DC-DC converter IC, designed to drive high power LEDs

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The ILD8150/ILD8150E is an 80 V DC-DC converter IC, designed to drive high power LEDs. For applications operating close to safe extra-low voltage (SELV) limits, it provides a high safety voltage margin. 

The buck LED driver IC is tailored for LEDs in general lighting applications, with average currents up to 1.5 A, using a high-side integrated switch. A set of performance and protection-related features provide an ideal fit for professional LED lighting.


Key features

  • Input Voltage Ranging From 8 to 80 V(DC)
  • Up to 1.5 A Average Output Current
  • Integrated High-Side MOSFET Switch
  • Low typical RDS(ON) of 275 mΩ


Additional features

  • Up to 2 MHz Switching Frequency
  • Hybrid Dimming Down to 0.5 % with 3.4 KHz Flicker-Free Modulation
  • Soft Start, Low Power Shutdown, OTP, UVLO, and Current Limiting
  • High Safety Voltage Headroom for 60 V / Class 2 Designs
  • Allows High Power Designs with Less Thermal Dissipation
  • Exceeds Common Dimming Benchmarks
  • Fast, Stable, and Very Efficient Regulation with Good EMI Performance
  • Safe Operation with Low Effort for Professional Lighting Solutions



  • ​LED Driver
  • Tunable White
  • Multichannel Lighting


Available tools

Reference Board:


This reference design board features ILD8150, an 80V LED driver IC  with an innovative hybrid dimming method.

Order Code: REFILD8150DC15ATOBO1

Infineon ILD8150/ILD8150E buck LED driver IC | EBV Elektronik

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