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Infineon Technologies PROFET™+ 12 V – BTS5200-1ENA device

The BTS5200-1ENA is the new single-channel 200 mΩ device in PG-TDSO-8 exposed pad package

Infineon Technologies PROFET™+ 12 V – BTS5200-1ENA product picture

The BTS5200-1ENA is the new 200 mΩ single-channel smart power switch device in the PROFET™+ family, which replaces the BTS5200-1EJA. Compared to the other PROFET™+ devices, the BTS5200-1ENA comes in the PG-TDSO-8 exposed pad package, which is pin-compatible to the PROFET™+ 12 V and PROFET™+ 24 V families. By using compatible footprint, maximum design flexibility is ensured allowing to change loads and devices without any major modifications of the board layout itself.


Key features

  • Operating Voltage 5…28 V
  • PWM capability up to 300 Hz
  • Open Load Detection and Diagnosis in ON and OFF State
  • Improved kILIS Accuracy


Additional features

  • Thermal Shutdown with Auto-restart
  • PG-TDSO-8 Exposed Pad Package
  • 100% Pin Compatibility Across the Devices of the PROFETTM+ 12 V and PROFETTM+ 24 V Family



  • Electromechanical Relay and Fuse Replacement
  • 12 V High-Side Grounded Loads
  • LEDs and Bulbs up to 10 W


Available tools

This demo board is designed to handle all devices within the PROFETTM+ family. Banana connectors are provided for the connection to the power lines. The motherboard contains the entire application circuitry around the PROFETTM+ device. Additionally, some useful functions, such as the possibility to connect more than one demo board to a test set up are implemented


Infineon Technologies PROFET™+ 12 V – BTS5200-1ENA | EBV Elektronik

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