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Vishay SIR608DP N-channel 45 V (D-S) MOSFET

Vishay's 45 V TrenchFET® Gen IV products reach a sweet spot between performance FOMs and safety margin

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Vishay's 45 V TrenchFET® Gen IV products reach a sweet spot between performance FOMs and safety margin. Their 45 V breakdown voltage means a 12.5% greater safety margin than 40 V rated MOSFETs with similar ON-resistance characteristics. The typical RDS(on) is as low as 1 mΩ in the 6 by 5 mm footprint and reduces power loss during channel conduction, while their RDS(ON) x Qoss FOM is 65 % lower than the lowest RDS(ON) 60 V device used in these applications


Key features

  • Low Qg and Qoss for switching
  • Reduce power loss from gate driving, charging and discharging of Coss
  • Achieves higher overall efficiency
  • Typical RDS(on) is 1 mΩ in 6 x 5 mm footprint


Additional features

  • TrenchFET® Gen IV power MOSFET
  • 45 V Drain-source break-down voltage
  • Tuned for low Qg and Qoss
  • 100 % Rg and UIS tested



  • Synchronous Rectification in Power Conversions
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Resonant Switching Converters
  • Motor Drive Control
  • Battery Management


Application Notes

Additional headroom without performance sacrifice represents a typical requirement for power supplies and motor drive controls in applications like power tools. These designs tend to have strict de-rating requirements while encountering transient spikes exceeding 40 V across the drain and source of MOSFET. Our 45 V devices offer 12.5% more safety margin than identical 40 V-rated solutions 40 V rated MOSFET could have insufficient headroom. Moving to 60 V device sacrifices performance as Rds x Qg FOM increases. Our 45 V parts offer 65% lower RDS-Qoss FOM than the 60 V devices.

Vishay SIR608DP N-Channel 45 V (D-S) MOSFET | EBV Elektronik

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