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AMS AG AS6501 time-to-digital converter

The AS6501 is a two-channel time-to-digital converter (TDC)

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The AS6501 is a two-channel time-to-digital converter (TDC). High measurement performance and high data throughput are achieved with LVDS stop inputs and LVDS serial outputs for each channel. Current saving operation is also possible with CMOS inputs and SPI readout. Applications range from handheld laser range equipment to ambitious ToF measurements of highest performance as in LIDAR and medical imaging. AS6501 provides calibrated results based on a reference clock. Single-shot accuracy of 10 ps with pulse-to-pulse spacing < 5 ns and maximum data rate of 70 Msps per stop are possible.

Key features

  • Two Stop Channels ith 5 ns/20 ns Pulse-to-Pulse Spacing
  • Maximum 70 MSPS per LVDS Output
  • Single Shot Accuracy 20 ps RMS Resolution per Channel, 10 ps RMS with High Res. Option
  • Power Dissipation max 450 mW


Additional features:

  • Event Assignment Thanks to Reference Clock & Index Simplifies Coincidence Measurements
  • Easy Pulse Width Measurements
  • Unlimited Measuring Range 0 s to 16 s
  • High Efficiency, Thanks to High Sample Rate
  • Differential Reference Clock Input 2 MHz to 12.5 MHz, Optional With Quartz Crystal
  • Compact Design Thanks to Small Package and Low Number of External Components
  • LVDS Inputs and Outputs, 16-Stage FIFO Per Channel, SPI Compatible 4-Wire Interface for Configuration, Optionally to Be Used for Data Readout
  • Reduced Cooling, Thanks to Low Power Consumption
  • Automatic Calibration to Reference Clock
  • Supply Voltage 3.3 V
  • QFP-48 Package (7 x 7 mm², 9 x 9 mm² with Leads)
  • Additional Benefits
    • Simple Data Post-Processing Thanks to Calibrated Results



  • Laser Angefinders
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Medical Imaging
  • ToF Spectroscopy


Avaialable tools



Application Board/Development Kit for AS6500

The AS6500-QF_DK development kit is designed as a platform for a quick and easy start of evaluation of the AS6500 time-to-digital converter. The kit offers a graphical user interface for user-friendly configuration and extensive testing of the AS6500.

Order Code: AS6500-QF_DK

AMS AG AS6501 time-to-digital converter | EBV Elektronik

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